how to import Image file in turbo c++ ?

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Good Day! :D GOD IS GOOD :)
Hi Everyone. I have a Question. How to import any img file in turbo c++. It will serve as an image background.
or what syntax will I need to import image file? :) Sir/ ma'am.
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turbo c++ is more than 20 years old. you might get problems to develop with the ide on younger windows os and even if you achieve to build applications it is not sure that the programs will run in current windows.

you may consider to using visual c++ express or visual c++ community instead which both are free.

also qt is a free and mighty alternative.

all these have classes which allow to load and display image files from disk.

If you have some old code that should be modified, then I wish you really good mood -- especially if it is a GUI application with event handlers implemented via virtual methods (incompatibly with any other compiler, if I recall correctly). The C++ language in Turbo C++ is very outdated, and if you are not forced by circumstances, you should throw that compiler away.

As Sara wrote, you can have a very decent C++ compiler for Windows for free -- Visual Studio 2013 Community edition
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let me add my 2 cents for your original problem.

Native C++ can't load and display images all by itself. You will need to use a library to do this.

OpenGL is one and if you are a Microsoft fan then look at the facilities offered by the .Net framework. I'm not a fan of managed code so I wouldn't recommend going the .net way
trinitrotolueneDirector - Software Engineering

But before you attempt my suggestion do what the 1st 2 experts have recommended

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