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Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing


I am interested in getting feedback on this. On an online chat with MS they said you can get a single licence. Yet other web searches indicate say you need a 5 seat licence.

Btw I want to link this with an office 365 subscription - so I think the product is called CRM online.

I am wondering what other people's experience has been. Ideally I would like to get a single licence.


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The document at this link on page 20 has this text:

 New customers enrolling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription must purchase a minimum of 5
Professional and/or Enterprise user licenses to activate the paid subscription. Upon meeting this
requirement, customers can add any number of Basic and Essential user licenses to the online service
 The 5-minimum Professional license requirement does not apply to existing customers who have previously
enrolled in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription on or before September 30, 2013
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Ok to go with the online version - I need to get 5 of them. If I am prepaid to go for that I could still attach that to a single office 365 subscription. Ie 5 dynamics licences to a single one?

Also do you have a view of companies like:

Also this company is in a USA - and the office 365 subscription is in Australia.


Don't mix up CRM online offered by Microsoft and CRM offered by 3rd party hosting companies. You can only attach Microsoft CRM Online purchased directly from Microsoft to an Office 365 subscription. If you want to do this, then sign in to your Office 365 subscription and complete the purchase there. You can have as many CRM users as you like in your single Office 365 tenant.

If you buy from a 3rd party hosting company then your relationship is with them and not Microsoft and you can't link your purchase to Office 365.

If you are looking for a cloud offering and use other Office 365 apps I would suggest using Microsoft because of the integrations available between CRM and SharePoint, Exchange etc.

Thanks for that. So therefore to confirm - I understand correctly.

I currently have hosted exchange through office 365 (Bussiness Essentials) - the exchange will simply not link with the 3rd party provider.

ie. I would need to sign up everything through them to - exchange crm the works to make them work together. So cancel my existing Office 365 subscription with MS (Australia).


I don't you to start cancelling things just on my say-so.

My point is that if you have Office 365 then buying CRM Online from Microsoft is probably a good idea.  You can link CRM from other hosting providers with Exchange at Office 365 but there are other integrations (apart from Exchange) that work well when you have CRM Online in an Office 365 subscription.

You probably should speak to a local reseller to confirm what I've said.

Excellent will do - great advice thankyou :)

Top marks - great advice.