Conversion of CSV upload

Hi all,

Basics of situation:

Download from Bank Account creates CSV file,
Upload to Accounting system requires CSV but with different layout to Bank file.

I have got most of the process sorted but coming across issues.

Process Steps:
1) Import CSV data
2) Re-arrange layout
3) Export to CSV

Step 1 is where I am having issues.
Option 1 - I set it so that the Workings file would open the CSV file, select all and then copy into working file. This worked except when it came to dates. I am in UK so have date format dd/mm/yyyy but when I copy 10/04/2015 (10 April 2015) from the CSV and paste it into the working file it gets converted to 04/10/2015 (4 October 2015). Tried with  making destination cell text or general format and neither worked. Dates such as 14/04/2015 (14 April 2015) gets pasted as text so stays OK.

Option 2 - I have tried to set up a Data Connection to the CSV file. I have set this so that the Date column comes in as text and that works fine but I then want to break the connection to the source file. I have tried recording the Connection break routine but when I include it in
the script it errors out.

Files attached with obfuscated data.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Rob H

PS I am going to be offline for a few days after this afternoon so apologise if I don't respond to queries promptly.
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystAsked:
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pls change datatype in the array to 4

and delete the "_" underscore of your Connectionstring

Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Changing the seventh entry which represents date column in the array to 4 changes the import of the date so that it is a date rather than text. That wasn't really an issue anyway.

Removing the "_1" from the ConnectionName string doesn't seem to do anything. I had included that because I noted each time I refreshed/reran the macro it added _# to the end of the Query and Connection Names.

The file is still linked to the source data. The source data will change each time the file is used so need to break the connection or just paste in raw data.

Why not simply use

    For Each cnn In ActiveWorkbook.Connections

Open in new window

EDIT or the last one

If ActiveWorkbook.Connections.Count > 0 Then
End If

Open in new window

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Couldn't get either of those to work but I have found a way round the problem.

I am now inserting a sheet and creating the connection on that sheet. Then copy the data to my extract sheet and delete the sheet with the connection on.

However, when I delete the sheet, I would like to disable the warning message and can't recall the syntax for disabling warning messages.


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Application.DisplayAlerts = False
'Your code
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you! I was trying Enable, Disable and all sorts.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Chose own solution as found a way round different to proposed solution.
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