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Create a normal distribution

Hello EE,

I have a list of number and from it I would like to create a chart of the normal distribution of it.
I guess that explains by itself...

so in other words, I want a graph with 0% 25% 50% 90% 50% 25% 0%  and with another axis for the range of numbers (from min of mylist to max)

can you help ?
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Please see the below link for instructions and you can download the sample excel files and create your own by putting your relevant data
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Your link does not work and it needs to be in not excel..
wait sorry the page is working hold on i will read a bit..
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They are saying that the usage would be like that :

GaussNumDist(Mean, Standard Deviation, Sample Size)

but me, from my List(Of Integer) How would I use that usage ?
Mean is your sum of all your integers divided by the count i.e if you have 4, 2, 5, 8, 6 as your numbers 25/5 then 5 is your mean.

Standard deviation  example is below

Here is a high level illustration
square ( Each of your numbers -  mean )  
4 - 5  = -1   = 1
2 - 5  = -3  = 9
5 - 5 = 0   = 0
8 - 5  = 3  = 9
6 - 5 = 1   = 1

Then take the total and divide by the count hence 20/5 = 5

then sqauare root it to get 2.24