How to screen video recording in Android?

Prateek Sharma
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I want to create a dubbing app. In this project i want to capture my screen video like (record playing video). I have searched many things but not success :( . If you have any idea about it then please help me. Thanks.
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As far as I know,  the only way to capture video of the phone on the phone is to have a rooted phone.  I would be willing to pay for an app that did this.
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Not from the phone, but apparently you can record off the phone through the sdk

You would have to install the either the eclipse or android studio and record the screen through the ADB tool included in in the SDK. A bit of messing about, but it will be free.
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This was the only solution for his question
Let me amend my answer, Screen recorder does it with ea sense. Look in the play store - it's free.

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