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combo box data binding ?

Hello Again, vs.2012

Here is a little routine that works on fine on the form load But when I recall An ID code from a database and set the selected value I cannot seem to get the BindingSource to update the label right next door on the form the bring up the corresponding Name???

       sform.AdvisorsBindingSource1.DataSource = sform.Database1DataSet11.Advisors
        sform.cboADV_No.DataSource = sform.AdvisorsBindingSource1
        sform.cboADV_No.DisplayMember = "Advisor_ID"
        sform.cboADV_No.ValueMember = "Advisor_ID"
        sform.cboADV_No.SelectedValue = strAdv_Num

by refreshing the bindings I am under the believe that those Bindings should reflect the corresponding objects??
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