Finding a specific DataGridView Row based off of "Find"?

BlakeMcKenna used Ask the Experts™
I know in DataTables you can perform a "Find" based off of a PrimaryKey. Can something similar be done for a DataGridView without having to loop through all the rows? I am basically trying to find an "equipment_ID" based on a value from a variable.

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Normally, the DataGridView is displaying a DataTable or other source of data, and you would search that. Is there a reason that won't work for you? Is the issue that you want to select the matching row or something like that? What I've done is select a cell in the row with the correct number, such as:
        Dim dvNumbers As DataView
        dvNumbers = dsSet.dtEqpt.DefaultView
        dvNumbers.Sort = "equipment_ID"
        dgvNumbers.DataSource = dvNumbers
        Dim intMatch as Integer
        intMatch = dvNumbers.Find("ABCDE")
        dgvNumbers.CurrentCell = dgvNumbers.Item(0, intMatch)

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Thank you...that's what I was looking for!

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