Linksys EA6900 /Gateway/ Blocked Ports/Symantec BackupExec

So i am using a Linksys EA6900 as the gateway to my mid sized domain environment. I recently installed Symantec Backup Exec 2015 in my 2012r2 server. Now we have run into issues with installing probes on remote machines. According to Symantec tech support. The probes run on port 10000 and believe the linksys router is blocking it. Does anyone know how i can unlock a port on the linksys EA6900 router? Thank you.
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Asked:
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Try LinkSys manual on port forward. But if problem is not on traffic from  WAN to router , most likely windows firewall is issue (you can temporary turn off firewall and check is firewall on server problem).
Ports are usually blocked only from outside to inside, the same is on the server traffic from server is always allowed, but not all traffic is allowed in reverse direction (by default even ping echo is denied on Windows servers, rdp from publicnetwork etc)

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Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
We turned off the windows firewall on both the client pc and the server.
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
So to open up a port on the Linksys Router is a matter of just setting up port forwarding? Thanks for your help.
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Port forward is .. open port from WAN to LAN ... so, your traffic, let's say on port 80 is, forward to server (or any other host).
No ports are closed on LAN in most cases.
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
so the port that i need to open is port 10000. So the way you setup the port forwarding is from the client pc port 10000 to the server port 10000.. dont have much experience with port forwarding..
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
so application name would be BackupExec, External Port 10000, internal port 10000 protocol both and all ips?
No. You can port forward to all IPs, only to one. That is from WAN to LAN (so, there can be only One :) )
if you have that problem while you are in local network I don't think port is issue (at least not switch blocking port), except in case that you created a part of network as guest network so it could is isolated network (if it is supported option on this router)
Did you check is your server is really listening on port 10000 (or hosts - whoever needs to listen on port 10000)?

cmd -> netstat -a

you can use
netstat -a -n
to avoid name resolution
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
This is what i see
TCP Genesis:0 Listening
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
So this is what im doing as well. I open up the command line. and type

telnet hmr363 10000

hmr363 is the client pc name. It keeps failing. Symantec BackupExec tells me that there is somthing blocking the connection from the server to the client on port 10000. I need to open up that connection.
TCP Genesis:0 Listening

This is good

Did you try to telnet to server on port 10000?

List of TCP/UDP ports used by Backup Exec 11d and above

How to change default port
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Author Commented:
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