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SQL Query to update table with prior field value

I have a table "estimate".  It contains the fields:

I need to update the "priorpeer" column.  The query needs to use the "prefix" column to determine the update.  The rules are:
if prefix = 0 then "priorpeer" = -1
if itemno ends in .0 then "priorpeer" = -1
if the first instance of the prefix (when the query is sorted by itemno) then "priorpeer" = -1
otherwise, while still sorted by itemno, the "priorpeer" = assemblyseq of the prior record with the matching prefix.  

See the attached excel spreadsheet for the desired update to "priorpeer" field.  column "H" shows what I want the end update result to be.

Thanks for your help.
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A4 doesn't end in 0 it ends in 1 A4 would have to be 1.0 the same holds for all values that you want to end in .0
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A4 actually does end in .0.  I see they got dropped when I pasted the data into Excel.  See updated spreadsheet.
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You can create a table (temp or view) with those values using the following select:
select itemno,'0' as prevno, assembly_seq, prefix, 0 as prior_seq, '0' as prevfix, -1 as priorpeer
from estimate where prefix = '0'
union all
select x.itemno, y.itemno, x.assembly_seq, x.prefix, y.assembly_seq as prior_seq, y.prefix as prevfix,
case when length(y.prefix) = 1 then -1
     when x.prefix > y.prefix then -1
     when x.prefix = y.prefix then y.assembly_seq
     else -1
end priorpeer--, x.rn xrn, y.rn yrn
(select itemno, assembly_seq, prefix, priorpeer,
 row_number() over (order by prefix, assembly_seq) rn
 from estimate) x,
(select itemno, assembly_seq, prefix, priorpeer,
 row_number() over (order by prefix, assembly_seq) rn
 from estimate) y
where x.rn = y.rn + 1

You can then use merge or a join for your update.
I used the LAG and LEAD functions, since this will be hosted on SQL 2012.  Thanks