Shell script to rotate & delete/housekeep away highest version logs

I have the following logs in /opt/avscan that's being created by a Shell script's redirection ie >  command)

update.log  (being created daily)

Would like to add extra lines of Shell script into the current script such that prior to running
the command that do > redirect, add the following task:
  if file exists, rm -f update9.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update8.log.gz update9.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update7.log.gz update8.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update6.log.gz update7.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update5.log.gz update6.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update4.log.gz update5.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update3.log.gz update4.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update2.log.gz update3.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update1.log.gz update2.log.gz
  if file exists, mv update.log update1.log
  gzip -9 update1.log
  ...  the rest of the existing Shell script codes ...
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Here you go:

[[ -e update9.log.gz ]] && echo rm update9.log.gz
for n in 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ; do
    [[ -e update${n}.log.gz ]] && echo mv update${n}.log.gz update$((n+1)).log.gz
[[ -e update.log ]] && echo mv update.log update1.log
echo gzip -9 update1.log

Again, please note "echo". The commands will be displayed but not executed. Remove "echo" to really get the task performed.
Why re-invent the wheel, most Unix and Linux flavors have a logrotate utility.
Even Apache has one.
If not present, ask the sysadmin to install it.
It may even be possible to install it yourself.
Agree with Mike that you should use logrotate.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks chaps;  I still prefer Shell scripts because I'm not at liberty to install
any packages in our tenants' (Solaris) VMs.

Is that limited to 9 versions or we can rotate to more versions where needed?
We can make the number of versions variable, if you wish.
Here is a snippet with almost everything made "variable":
Base name ("update"),  extension (".log"),  gzip suffix (".gz"),  high version ("15"),  low version ("1").

I omitted the first "rm" of the oldest version because "mv" will overwrite it anyway if appropriate.
Next, I added a line which skips all processing if there's no new "update.log", because
otherwise at each run without a new "update.log" being present you would loose one version.

Finally, please note that the "seq" utility is required here.
It is installed by default in most Linux'es, but If you don't have it please let me know.
We can go without it.

if [[ -e ${BASE}${EXT} ]] ; then
  for VER in $(seq $((VERSIONH-1)) ${VERSIONL}) ; do
    [[ -e ${BASE}${VER}${EXT}${ZIPPED} ]] && mv ${BASE}${VER}${EXT}${ZIPPED} ${BASE}$((VER+1))${EXT}${ZIPPED}
  mv ${BASE}${EXT} ${BASE}${VERSIONL}${EXT} && gzip ${BASE}${VERSIONL}${EXT}

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Shell Scripting

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