HD video captured gives "quick" sounds when played on dedicated media player


I got the above item which captures videos from my TV's  Set Top box: it claims the videos captured is HD
compressed.  I attempted to play on the laptops using VLC player & both the videos & sounds are good.

However when I copy the recorded video mp4 file to a USB thumbdriver or HDD & play it on a dedicated
media player which outputs to a HD TV, the videos are fine but the sounds/audio is like quick inaudible
 cartoon-like sounds.   What did I miss?

The vendor doesn't provide support
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Looks like you have a mismatch between the audio and video stream bitrates - suspect the clue is in the eBay description " (30fps only on 1080p mode)"  The PC compensates for this but using the hard coded playback codec on the box the same playback rules aren't being applied.

To help work out what's happening, analyse the video file by installing mediainfo.  Open an affected file with this and use the "save to text file" option to post the analysis here.
What is this dedicated media player?
Is it on the TV?
With mp4 avc1 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
As most TV dont wont support them what I use is  a raspberry pi with XBMC media center installed.
XBMC  has upgraded and is now called Kodi it is software media center.
XBMC-KODI video guide

These days you can buy them with Linux installed and xbmc include a case remote control. Get your USB Pen or HDD and plug it in and XBMC opens up then just select your movie from the menue and play.
My RP is a circute board but have now fitted it with a case. Plugged the audio and video into the DVI on my TV.
Pay a one time fee for mpeg and it supports mp4 avi mpeg
Google Raspberry Pi-Kodi  media center
this one has it all/ you need a keyboard I use a rubber one so I can access the menu or use a remote control.
RP-Kodi  Media Center you can browse images
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Hi Masq,

Attached the analysis using Media Info.  All videos captured by this device I got from video has this
issue when played on this dedicated  "Shining" media player but when played on my 32 bit Win XP's
VLC player or my 64bit Win 7 VLC player, the audio/sounds are Ok

Hi Merete,
> What is this dedicated media player?
It's make is "Shining", made in China which I guess is rarely heard of.  It could play all the mp4, flv, videoCD
& one other video (which has a four letter extension) which I download from Youtube & some other sites.
Just only what's captured by this device gives quick, cartoon-like sounds;  videos are fine otherwise

> Is it on the TV?
You've replied to one of my previous thread on this Set Top box before but I just can't locate the photo
currently: it takes its inputs from a broadband fibre converter & output via HDMI to the HD TV : this
device that I got from eBay sits in between this Set Top box & the TV.
Hi sunhux
I'm in Australia and have Fox cable  which uses a set top box from the dish from the roof.
Now I could pay more for a dedicated media box which is like a Fox digital video recorder
They call it the IQ2 here, this device allows permissions through from foxtel to record and time shift channels I have subscribed to. It also connects to the internet.
DRM do apply here and it sounds as if your trying to by pass this with an unauthorised device which could explain the garbled audio.
Since your media box shining  sits between the cable setop box and your TV is the problem.
you say> this
device that I got from eBay sits in between this Set Top box & the TV.
You also say>It's make is "Shining", made in China which I guess is rarely heard of.  It could play all the mp4, flv, videoCD ??

If it is what I think it is your recording to a  CD disc? If so could be it is putting a folder on the Disc that prevents the disc from being played.
If this is your proceedure please open the disc and have a look at the folders on it.
Are you copying video captured (recorded) by this Shining to your HDD. Then converting it to mp4?
If you could for my benefit, I prefer Gspot codec analyser, it's an old tool but will show a green line or red line with the problem video if it is a codec issue.
If you do try it please download from the link below the adds at the top, where it says tool and description and use the direct link
Download sites:
Visit developer's site      
Download GSpot 2.70a (direct link)      (400kB) (Portable)
Here's how my mp4 HD looks on Gspot, green is good to go and note the audio used.
mp4 on GspotDo you have any codecs installed on your windows 7?
The main two I needed with windows 7 is ffdshow and ac3 filter.
Update your audio drivers from the manufacturer.
What is your system specks sunhux. Desktop laptop windows ?? Video card audio brand name.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
merete, it sounds like it plays find on the PC so all the drivers are installed, it's the hardware player that's messing with the audio.

I'm guessing it's one of these doing the playback so it's either the capture device (The Velocap illustrated on eBay in the link at the top) saving the file in a format that the set top box can't handle correctly or the problem is entirely with the set top box - I'm suspecting the latter as the PC plays them fine (although of course it's far easier for the PC to compensate for any 'unusual' encoding!).  Good call on the DRM, but if so why is VLC allowing it to play normally?
Masq I believe that this Shining when connected to a port on the cable setup box that cable set top box may detect it  as a device that is not accepted
these set top box devices are pretty smart where devices that are not part of the cable TV codes hence may block it to some degree., Also it is connected to the internet and may use the Gracenotes look up.
It's sounds similar when connecting a DVD Player to a TV it must use a dedicated DVD socket  put the TV onto DVD otherwise DVD play back has colour issues and sound issues.
I use a Panasonic twin HD TV tuner 300 gig HDD and has a dvd burner it is connected to my foxtel set top then the TV is connected to the Panasonic DVR through AVS 1.
This way I can record everything from the Foxtel set top box on the Panasnic DVR AVS1
For TV I switch the Panasonic to digital TV via the menu.
To transfer the discs contents to my PC I used rewritable DVD. USB is not supported to record to.
I  cannot record any of the Pay per View movies those channels are encrypted for IQ2 DVR Foxtel provide only.. But I have 150 channels of other movies and doco's, Si Fi, History Nat Geo etc.. I can connect my Panasonic to the internet but why bother when I can do it all on my PC or the XBMC.-KODI media center.
VLC is open source and I found even back in the old days of xp DRM files VLC by passes them could play  them, I think it is because VLC doesn't lookup the file  information on Gracenotes or even access the internet.

Gracenote, formerly CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), is a company that maintains and licenses an Internet-accessible database containing information about the contents of audio compact discs and vinyl records. It provides software and metadata to businesses that enable their customers to manage and search digital media.

As your problem arises when you copy the mp4? and then add it to a USB device and play it in the Shining box,Velocap TBox Mini??
refering to the link you posted there is a sample you can download, could you download that sample mp4 and play it from a USB device to test if it is DRM or a codec issue?
look to the bottom of that page Specifications panel below that
sample video download:click here
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
>Since your media box shining  sits between the cable setop box and your TV is the problem.
My "Shining brand" media player (not recorder) connects directly to my HD TV, not in
between the Set Top Box & TV.  This player plays mp4, flv & rmvb video formats & more

it's the Velocap video recorder that I got from eBay which sits in between the Set Top
Box & TV.  Don't think there's this DRM protection like what Masq noticed: all my
laptops play them fine with VLCplayer  (but not Windows Media player as it can't
support mp4 format)

So what conversions do I need to do so that the dedicated media player could play the
videos recorded by Velocap without the "distorted" audio?

I can always play using my laptop/PC but it's going to consume a lot of energy:
my laptops all get very hot after playing.

Perhaps I should try playing this recorded mp4 on iPad 3 Retina: what player can
I use to play an mp4 file on iPad?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Can you find an .mp4 video that plays OK on the box and post the Mediainfo output for that?

I still think the issue's with the playback options hard-coded into that box.  The problem is that.mp4 is really not a video "format" so much as a "container" & it can contain a variety of audio and video formats that can all be legitimately called .mp4.

From the thread so far it doesn't seem happy with the 1080p AVC video/ 48.0Hz AAC audio combination the Velocap is outputting as .mp4.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
>there is a sample you can download, could you download that sample mp4
> and play it from a USB device to test if it is DRM or a codec issue?
tried the above & it plays fine on the Shining media player
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I'm thinking to use Debut video capture to play on my laptop to convert it
to hopefully a true mp4 : haven't got a chance to try it out yet.

Anyone think it's worth trying?
Good to know the sample plays fine
Yes try that if it's suitable, anything is worth a shot if you have the time, we shall wait for your progress.

With your current capture  software can you change the capture settings?
 possibly it is the audio format in capture settings.
Try using mp4 with mp3 audio in the capture settings.

You can convert it to true mp4 using VLC,
This is a quick guide on how to convert videos with VLC
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Refer to attached VLC screen: is that the option to select?
When I tried to convert the 2GB videos captured using the Velocap device,
nothing seems to happen on both my 32bit & 64bit laptops & the date
/timestamp of the velocap video file remains the same
No sttsched picture sunhux.
Open VLC then go to Media then open convert / save
click add
navigate to your video
once you see it in the top panel look down to the bottom>convert/save next to this is an arrow
expand the arrow then click convert
in the page click on Profile expand this arrow
Profile VLCI'd choose either divx 3 with mp3 audio
or mp4 there is also WMV, any of these should reduce them
Then choose your destination file ( browse)
VLC profile outputMake a new folder on your desktop give it a name so you can find it easy.
then rename your new file and it will have the extension of the new video format
so now you should see the destination file and new name click START!!! Quickly select VLC interface and you'll see the streaming and the progress bar move along the seek bar till it's done.
 VLC convertingcheck your new folder on your desktop
VLC Converted video

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