DELL switch and Foreign pdu notification

I have a DELL m1000e chassis with four DELL m6348 switches and since two days ago I see on the logs the following error:
ISDP[122766080]: isdp_txrx.c(169) 459307 %%Foreign pdu on interface Po5 ...
The switch is still working fine and the port-channel.  I do not see anything wrong with the STP no issues with the performance but the notification is still showing up. I cannot find anything on the internet about this error.
Does anyone know where these errors come from or what they mean?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here is a link to a dell site where the same message was received. i would upgrade your firmware to make sure that's not causing the problem. If sounds like something in your network changed that triggered that message. it could be an update from Microsoft or any other vendor that may have triggered it.

If you are not seeing any performance issue, I'd update the firmware to be safe and just ignore it if everything else if working properly.
What is connected to other end of Po5 cable?
Jorge-123Author Commented:
Thank you for your posts.
Well here is what I have: One Dell chassis m1000. On one end it has 9 blade servers ESXi and a Vmware infrastructure. In the other end it has six Dell blade switches.  The blade switches are divided in A1-A2-B1-B2 -C1nd C2  following Dell standards.  The Dell switches are connected to two Cisco nexus switches.  
Every Dell switch has configured a port-channel and it is connected to a VPC on the nexus side. Now, for consistency I put the same number to the port channels in the Dell switches and on the nexus side. So I named on switch A1 port-channel1 and it is connected on the Nexus side to a VPC1, A2 have a port-channel2 and it is connected to a Nexus VPC2 and so on.
On the nexus side there is no any errors. I only see the errors on all the Dell port-channels. Also the Dell and the nexus are up to date in IOS versions. And by the way in my research I saw the same post that you mention but it didn’t help at all.
Now I agreed with you that something triggered it, and that I am trying to do now is to find out a method  that lead me to find who did it, was a windows update?, was a Vmware update?, what was. I just do not want to ignored, I would like to find what happened.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
You might check on the latest installed Microsoft updates to see if one of them caused the issue.  There have been a ton of updates released in the last two weeks.
Jorge-123Author Commented:
Yes, I am in the process  to check with the Windows and  VMware teams, what updates were installed since the last three weeks.  Even that at the moment there are no issues noted in the network part, ( I am asking the other teams if they have had any issues), I am curious to know what could be the cause for this "Foreign pdu on interface xxx" notice. This is the first time I see something like this.

Thank You
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I would check to see if there is a firmware updates available.
Jorge-123Author Commented:
Hi, Yes I guess we found the problem at least for now.  VMware team was doing  a  software and also a firmware upgrade. Well seem that on the firmware side  the network card driver for the hosts was not working right because it was presenting other type of problem. So the new driver was removed  and the previous driver was put in place and the problem disappeared. It took a while but finally we found the problem. Now DELL  is working on a hotfix.

TG-TIS, Thank you  for sticking  here and give good ideas.

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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Glad I could help. Thanks for the kind comment!
Jorge-123Author Commented:
I just want to acknowledge the help of TG-TIS. Even I have to go through several processes to find the culprit.
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