Forcing MDM on BlackBerry

LGriffin19 used Ask the Experts™

We are running BES 5.0.x with BB7 devices. Considering a move to BES12 with BB10.

We give new devices to our staff who then set up using their activation PIN.

I'm wondering - what is there to stop someone wiping the device and then using it for themselves?
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Justin YeungSenior Systems Engineer

I don't think you can stop ppl from wiping the device. at least if you type your password incorrect for certain times (policy, default 10 times). it will wipe the device for security purpose.

users can just type the password incorrectly to wipe it even you have the wipe option locked.


Hi Justin

Sure, wasn't worried about people wiping the device, but what stops them wiping the device and then using for personal purposes, e.g. downloading apps from the Blackberry app store and so on
Senior Systems Engineer
once it wipe, you can do anything to it. I don't think there is an option to block a non managed device (wiped)

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