Enahncing Image to identify Vehicle Plate number

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Have a set of images from an AVI capture, looking for software suggestions that could process the image enhancing a selection.
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Not that simple. Assuming this is from a security camera, D1 resolution,  your images have 704 x 480 pixels.

If the plate number is 10x5 pixels, there is not enough information there to extrapolate.

I know Hollywood movies show images magically becoming crystal clear, but that's a myth: if the information in the original image is insufficient, no amount of processing will give you the missing data.

As Dan says, not an easy job.

In my experience in ITS, even dedicated HD cameras used for identifying commercial vehicles at weigh stations have difficulty accomplishing this automatically using OCR.

The 407 Express Toll Route, in Ontario (Canada), uses students to read the plates of vehicles the cameras can't read.

But these images are easier to enhance!
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Thanks for the input.
It is from an in vehicle type camera
The angle of view distorts the image somewhat (or my sight is not what it used to be), was looking for some contrast adjustment/extrapolated that could make it somewhat easier to read/guestimate.  the number is a 3alpha-4 numeric
I think the first three are 'visible" the last two are as "well".  Need to see whether ........
Used VLC,Irfanview, and other open source to grab a snapshot/frame from the AVI.
grabbing the section of interest, but the options/filters available and my guessing on which filters to apply, does not improve/help.
The angle where one sees the least distortion is between 25°-35° from driver side centered at the center of the vehicle

The vehicle passing on the left side.

Seen newer HD PTZ cameras that have a 1:10000 optical zoom, that can be programmed to focus/zoom in on items of interest, not an available option in the device in use.
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could you attach one Arnold.
What I would try first is using windows photo viewer zoom in then snip it close up then use my image editor to clear it if possible.
Windows photo viewer is part of Microsoft Essentials free. It includes Photo Gallery
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I did, but the angle of the view when it is largest.  
I tried, but the tools I mentioned the image distorts. Tied the brightness/contrast..

I can, what format bmp, jpg, png, tiff is preferable? I'll post the snippet of interest only.
EE supports all of them Arnold. use the attach file so it's not visible here.
Could be snap  taken from a paused video might not be that clear. Does it have motion blur?
 So you did  try VLC snapshot
you can also use the windows snipping tool with a full screen video playback
choose a section/region by putting the curser in a rectangle around the area you want then save the snip
VLC has some advanced settings while your video is paused you can adjust the motion blur.
Th better the screenshot the better chances
VLC Tools Effects motion blurcheers
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I did, the formats I asked deal with which make it better for enhancement/image processing.
PNG. It uses lossless compression.
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Thanks for the response, attaching five images at different distances from closest to farther.
Did not imbed the image for display.
I don't think I can get information from these images...
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Looking at the vehicle in the road moving forward. Not vehicles around or I front.
Thanks Arnold, I cannot rebuild the number plates the image are too pixelated.
 because the original image is from a video and when  the video scale is small from that video will obviously produce a small scale image, when blown up or zoomed in will distort and break up.
Therefor the snapshot cannot zoom in on the video scale currently being played.
There is a few instructions on the web where the repeated use of gaussian blur and sharpening produce good  results as illustrated here, but your image is not from photo taken with a shake but from a video.
If you like to understand the process using scripts
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Thank you for your efforts, info and insight.
You're welcome Arnold and  thankyou

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