Sonicwall Global VPN Drops shortly after connecting

I have a sonicwall TZ400 and am trying to get the Global VPN working.

2015/07/18 20:14:59:042      Information      Starting ISAKMP phase 2 negotiation with
2015/07/18 20:14:59:042      Information      Starting quick mode phase 2 exchange.
2015/07/18 20:14:59:135      Information      The SA lifetime for phase 2 is 28800 seconds.
2015/07/18 20:14:59:135      Information      Phase 2 with has completed.
2015/07/18 20:14:59:182      Information      <local host>      Renewing IP address for the virtual interface (00-60-73-0B-BD-99).
2015/07/18 20:15:00:321      Information      <local host>      The virtual interface has been added to the system with IP address
2015/07/18 20:15:00:352      Information      <local host>      The system ARP cache has been flushed.
2015/07/18 20:15:00:368      Information      NetWkstaUserGetInfo returned: user: Bob, logon domain: REMOTE, logon server: W2012
2015/07/18 20:15:01:478      Information      NetGetDCName returned: logon server: \\W2012
2015/07/18 20:15:01:478      Information      calling NetUserGetInfo: Server: \, User: Bob, level: 3
2015/07/18 20:15:01:821      Information      NetUserGetInfo returned: home dir: , remote dir: , logon script:
2015/07/18 20:15:10:118      Information      <local host>      An incoming ISAKMP packet from was ignored.
2015/07/18 20:15:27:855      Information      <local host>      Releasing IP address for the virtual interface (00-60-73-0B-BD-99).

It almost looks like it is looking at my remote domain (different and not trusted by the Main office I am connecting to) and saying we do not trust you and then disconnecting.

I can ping the Main Office Sonicwall for a short time before the IP address is released.
It also tens to lock up the remote access to the main office as well.

Any help/ ideas?
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911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Found solution here:

Changed it from All Interface IP to Firewalled subnets

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