Accessing procedures from another project

I'm writing a Windows Console project, trying to access procedures in a second project in the same solution.

I added a reference to the 2nd project, but Visual Studio still complains.

Visual Studio
I'm trying to access WatiN.Core.IE()
deleydSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Did you also add the other project as a reference?
It should list in folder References of the current project. Only Core seems listed.

Ram PatilDeveloperCommented:
From the screen-shot, it looks like all the errors are related to WatiN. I do not see WatiN references added to the console project.  Please add and you will be done.
deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
"Core" is the project where WatiN is. It's confusing.

IE.csBelow the comments it starts with:
	public class IE : Browser

Open in new window

Corescrolling down a little...
Core where IE isand there's IE.cs, the procedure I want to call from my own project MyProject.
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deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
[The procedure I want to call is IE, in file IE.cs . (Not "IE.cs is the procedure")]
Ram PatilDeveloperCommented:
Yeah, if you Right click on  'Core' project, you will see the name of the produced assembly and it's namespace is - 'WatiN.Core'.

If you want to use WatiN in your Windows Console project, add references to 'Interop.SHDocVw.dll' and 'Microsoft.mshtml.dll' as well to your project.  You will find them in unzipped folder of WatiN - bin\net40

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deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
OK I added that, but I still can't seem to reference IE from MyTest01.

Visual Studio
I have "Core" in my references, which is where WatiN is, but still any reference to WatiN or Core it complains.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
I still believe you miss to add a reference to WatiN.Core - for example as seen here in the intro video:

deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
I'm wondering if perhaps "Browser Helper Object" might be a better way to go.

I tried adding by hand a 2nd project called "WatiN.Core" and then adding all the WatiN source files by hand. It almost worked, but it wasn't happy that I added Microsoft Internet Controls for shdocvw. I guess I have to somehow add a reference to Interop.SHDocVw instead, but I don't see how.

Now I'm wondering if "Browser Helper Object" is a better way to go, as the website I want to interact with is "IE-Only".
deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Most curious. I added by hand the WatiN.Core class and all the code files that go in it, but I still can't reference it.

I then tried adding by hand a test ClassLibrary1, and referencing that works fine!

Could there be something special about the name WatiN.Core?

ClassLibrary1 works fine. WatiN doesn't work
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try to reinstall it as shown in the video above.

/ gustav
deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes I looked there and when I go to that place and search for WatiN, WatiN doesn't show up as an option.

I seem to be having some success renaming everything to WatinCore instead of WatiN.Core. I've no idea why one should work and not the other.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
That sounds weird.

deleydSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for mentioning  'Interop.SHDocVw.dll' and 'Microsoft.mshtml.dll' .
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