Read a Cell from a SharePoint 2010 GridView

I have a SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part with a GridView control.  I bind it to a data table.  I have added a checkbox column and in code on a button click I can detect which row has that checkbox checked.

However,  I cannot access the other column values for the row.  I know they're there as I can see them in the watch window,  but I don't know how to read the value back into a string variable.

In the Watch expression I have the following:
foreach (GridViewRow Item in this.GridView1.Rows)
                if (bOnlyCheckedRows)
                    CheckBox cb2 = (CheckBox)Item.FindControl("chkRead");

                    if (cb2.Checked)
                        String Email = Item.Cells[3].Controls[0];  <==== this isn't allowed although I see the email value in the watch window
                        nextRecipient = Email;
                    String Email = Item.Cells[3].Controls[0];  <==== this isn't allowed although I see the email value in the watch window
                    nextRecipient = Email;

                    nextRecipient = Email;

So,  I see the needed value in the Watch window expression: Item.Cells[3].Controls[0],  but haven't a clue how to assign it to my variable for usage within the code.

This should be trivial, but has me stumped.

Watch Window
Howard BashSenior Software EngineerAsked:
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Looks like you are casting from a control type to string, when you actually need the Text property of the control.
String Email = Item.Cells[3].Controls[0];

Control control = Item.Cells[3].Controls[0];  //create a control to get this item of the control array
String Email = ((TextBox)control).Text;  //cast control to a Textbox to easily get the .Text property

You can do this all on one line just as easily but I think the above makes it more obvious.

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