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Incongruent Disk request

To save a k words I've attached 2 images.

The cancel option requires 6 clicks before it goes away, comes back one more time and goes away with a single click.  From there on everything returns to normal and I  move the files.

btw it just happened when I tried upload this images
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You appear to have disk errors.

Back up your data first and now. Then run the vendor's disk test software to check for errors.

It appears you will have to replace the disk and reinstall Windows.
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could this be why the Device Manager is is doing this
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Instead of this.
User generated image
Or why a drive assigned the letter  P shows a drive letter of N?

Does the fact the this is a SSD factor in?
The last couple times I uploaded attachments the problem didn't occur!  How weird is that?
If you have disk errors, software may react in a different way because software is damaged.
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your device manager behaviour has nothing to do with above problem - it is normal
you are simply confounding disk manager and device manager

running a diag on your disk is the best option - as John said

what disk model is it?
Your Disk manager lists don't seem to tie up, can you post a full list please

I wondered before i saw the Disk label if you had some kind of mirroring going on, do you? and is the destination there?
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