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domain controller and website the same

I inadvertently created a local domain controller for a client using windows server 2012 R2 with the same name as her web domain.  Now, nobody can access the web page from the office.  I understand I can modify the host file on the workstations to get around this.  All the workstations (17) are Windows 7 Pro SP1.  What information do I need to do this.  Any step by step guide would really be appreciated.
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Neil Russell
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This is not a big problem and in fact MS states that its a good practice to name the internal domain name  the same or similar to aid in integration. I agree with Neilsr that you simply need to add a record in your dns to point "WWW" to the correct external IP address. Of course if your websites IP address changes you will need to manually edit the www record. In your forward lookup zone simply add an "A" record type "www" and the IP and once you refresh your dns cache your internal devices will navigate to the website with no problems.

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I will be visiting the client in 3 weeks and will attempt this.  Thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks so much will look into that when I visit the client in 3 weeks