Spice works Helpdesk server

I setup a virtual server with godaddy and installed spice works in it to provide a Helpdesk ticket system to my customers. I've been told that I need to setup DNS to resolve to the IP of the new server but at this point I am lost. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thank you
Larry HernandezAsked:
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Do you have any instructions that advise what needs to be added into your DNS settings?

I'm assuming that your helpdesk will be located at some subdomain (ie. helpdesk.yourdomain.com) and you need to update your DNS settings to point helpdesk.yourdomain.com at the IP address provided by Spiceworks.
Larry HernandezAuthor Commented:
I don't have any instructions and godaddy said they would assist for a one time fee to setup the dns to point to the helpdesk servers IP address. Yes you are exactly correct in your assumption.
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
You can do this yourself in the Goadaddy admin. Let's assume that you'll be placing your helpdesk at helpdesk.yourdomain.com:

See adding a subdomain here:

You'll want to use hostname:

Points to IP Address:
IP address supplied by Spice Works

You'll also probably need to define a setting in Spiceworks admin area for the hostname (helpdesk.yourdomain.com) that you want them to listen for.
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Larry HernandezAuthor Commented:
I did what you said and I'm thinking that maybe my virtual server isn't getting the page out possibly. thank you.
Larry HernandezAuthor Commented:
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
A DNS Lookup is completed before your virtual server is involved in the handshake. Hence, the IP you specify in your DNS management is not effected by your server.

Name:	helpdesk.otcsup.com

Name:	otcsup.com

Open in new window

The question becomes, is the IP address where Spiceworks is installed? If so, is it running on a specific port?

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You are hosting your site on IIS?

Do you have two or one site?

If you only have one site within IKS console (admin tool), you need to adjust the default site's document root/search to make sure it accesses the correct directory where you have spice works installed.

If you have two, navigate to the spice works site, and look at bindings making sure you have helpdesk.otcsup.com listed there.
Once you save/commit the change requests to helpdesk.otcsup.com will hit the correct site on IIS based on the host header.

My guess is if you did setup two sites, you only used helpdesk as the hostname thinking the domain will be included which is why they do not match.
Larry HernandezAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lucas!! I changed it from port 3667 to port 80 and it wouldn't work until I went into the server IIS management panel and deleted the "Default website" and poof it all went green!!! Thanks SO much man!!
The suggestion I made deals with allowing your server to handle multiple domIns and multiple sites using host headers managed through the bindings settings of each site.
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