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windows 7 task bar icon and connection in connection list shows red X but I am connected to internet

As shown below my task bar icon and the connection in the connection list almost always shows a red X but I can still access the internet and other computers. This happens with all three of the computers on the network. If I unplug the router for a few minutes and plug it back in, the displays are normal but then go back to the red X after a few minutes. As can see in the images, hovering over the connection and the top of the connection list shows that the connection is fine but when I click on the connection, it shows the settings on the computer do not . My router is a D-link DIR-601. I am using WPA2 mode. Any ideas?User generated imageUser generated imageUser generated image User generated image
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Disable your antivirus temporarily and see if it makes a difference. I had Symantec (prior version) causing a like issue with my Windows 8.1 machine. New antivirus version fixed it.
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Jonathan Pringle

Have you updated your wireless drivers?
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I did disable the antivirus but it did not help.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Did you try the two suggestions of deleting and remaking the wireless profile and checking for an updated wireless driver?
I just had Windows check for wireless driver updates but it said I have the latest.
How do I delete the wireless profile?
Delete wireless profile:
Open network and sharing center - manage wireless networks - select network -  right click and delete

I guess that if you choose just one WPA or WPA2 (not both) wireless encryption could solve problem. But do that before recreate wireless profile.
"I guess that if you choose just one WPA or WPA2 (not both) wireless encryption could solve problem. But do that before recreate wireless profile."
What do you mean?
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Setup router - from drop down menu you can choose WPA only or WPA2 only.
Then delete network on host, and join to wirelles again.
The router was originally set for WPA2 only mode. I changed it today to see if it would make a difference - it didn't. WPA only is not an option.
I deleted the wireless profile; swapped out the router and recreated the profile. So far, so good.
The new profile shows JaneNelson 3. Is there a way to completely delete the old profiles so it only shows JaneNelson without the "3"?
To delete profiles, open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and type

netsh wlan delete profile name="Profile Name"  

Do this for all profiles you do not want.

When done, don't worry if your active profile has a number, so long as it works.
After swapping out the modem, deleting and rebuilding the connection has been solid.
@thenelson  - Thanks and I was happy to help.