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exchange 2013 mailbox size report script


i need a script to get mailbox that rich 80% of quota.

thanks for help
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Jian An Lim
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in previous exchange 2010, you will run the get-mailboxstatistic and look at the storagelimitstatus. (and you set your mailbox warning to 80%)
however, in exchange 2013, by default that attribute is not being populate.
you need download a script  from

MOre  refer to
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Minecraft_ Enderman

The script in this blog should meet your requirement
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@Kiss, this script i have tested and not work properly like i have post on blog:

i have test the script and it work without error, but i have an incorect percentage :

DisplayName TotalItemSize TotalDeletedItemSize ProhibitSendQuota QuotaPercent
----------- ------------- -------------------- ----------------- ------------
user1 684223 1172668284 97280000 1206
user2 140895 1135036880 97280000 1167
user3 12494 1054149862 97280000 1084

this user are on exchange 2007 or on exchnage 2013 with default database quota used.

thanks for help

i am not sure that your link can help me
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