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SR-IOV testing hyper server 2012 R2


Just for testing purpose I have created a switch with SR-IOV enabled.
I have connected a VM to the switch but not sure if the SR-IOV is actually working.

In the VM device manager, I cannot see the adapter from the SR-IOV .
Under Networking, the status is OK.

My network adapter is a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit

Where / HOw can I check Network card compatibility with SR-IOV?
Do I require any special hardware , e.g:..10GB switch etc...

Thank you
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Robin CM
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You can also use:
Get-NetAdapterSriov | Format-List *
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Hi Robin,

I ll try that tonight, but what about "Do I require any special hardware , e.g:..10GB switch etc...

Single Root IO Virtualisation allows you to have a compliant PCIe device and present this as (multiple) virtual PCIe instances in your server. These can then be presented to VMs. Thus from the point of view of the cable and switch that you physically plug into the network card, it's just one network card, it only appears as multiple ones within the server.
The benefit (potentially) that SR-IOV gives you is that the data flow between the VF (the virtual function of the SR-IOV device that shows within the VM) bypasses the hypervisor and goes straight to the PF (physical function) of the card, and thus could (should) provide better performance/lower latency etc.
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Hi Robin,

The command " (Get-VMHost).IovSupportReasons " answered my question perfectly

Thank you
Good, it is a surprisingly helpful command :-)
Actually I am working on something similar and I've opened a question here:

I've explained multiple commands that I have used to confirm the SR-IOV, in my case everything is working from hardware and software but I can't get the VMs to connect to the network. I have configured the Cisco ports with a VLAN not a trunk and used those NICs (SR-IOV enabled) as part of a virtual switch that is attached to the VM but the network shows up as undefined. Have you done any specific configuration on the physical switches in order to get this going?