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windows offline files old version

Is it at all possible for offline files/sync centre for the process to revert the file back to an old historic copy of the file from 4 years ago?

Our windows laptops have experienced problems with sync centre, but one user has found that a spreadsheet they use routinely is now referencing a file from 2011! is this even possible, or is it more than likely user error?

If its of any use, the servers are set-up in DFS, with 2 servers in the DFS setup. Its really weird as when the user clicks the link to their H drive (this lists the domain/username/directory - as opposed to a specific server in the DFS, they dont see the same files that they do when they map directly to their H drive on the servers in the DFS. Completely baffled. I trust they have been accessing this spreadsheet as it acts as like a timeline for their daily work activities.
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