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Outlook 2013 Memory Leak

I have Windows 7 Professional and am using Outlook 2013.  I had this machine built about a year ago and everything was working just fine.  Then, for the past few months, my computer would be running so hard, the fan would be loud, and things would crash...especially Outlook.  Brought it in, after running many tests, they ended up replacing the processor.  This fixed the problem with it running hot, but Outlook continues to crash.  When I open the Task Manager, I can see Outlook's memory usage continues to grow and grow until it gets to about million and a half K, then it crashes.  This happens pretty quickly...within 30-45 minutes.

I've researched and done everything I could find . . .ran virus scans through both Kaspersky Internet Security and MicroTrend.  Kaspersky found something and removed it.  I downloaded Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool and ran it on Outlook.  It mentioned various addins were causing crashes, so I disabled them.  When that didn't work, I deleted the programs all together (e.g., GoToMeeting, Kaspersky Internet Security, etc.) to make sure something wasn't still there, but that didn't work and oddly, they still come up in the configuration analyzer (although I can't tell if these are old reports...I don't find this tool helpful.  I've reinstalled Outlook 3 times.  I've run SCANPST.EXE on all of the PST files.  It shows errors on all, so I run the repair tool, but that apparently doesn't work because if I run it again, it still shows errors.

I'm at my wits end, so I wanted to find out if anyone here might have other ideas?  Let me know.  Thanks.
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Try starting Outlook in Safe Mode.

Even though you removed your add-ins, this will make sure that nothing else is being started that you might have missed.
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First, i want to thank ScottCha, but unfortunately I still encountered the same issues in SafeMode.

But John...thank you so much.  While I had uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook, I hadn't shut down my computer in between.  That seemed to do the trick.I had to wait a few days to make sure it was fixed as I'd performed other 'fixes' that worked for a bit, then went back to the same old problems.  Thank you again and have a great week!
@StellaBob - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.