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Need HTML mark-up, please

Hello - I'm trying to reproduce a new Outlook sign-off standard just adopted by a customer of mine.  The Access application I developed for them sends e-mail from a 3rd party add-on called "Total Access Emailer", and it allows for HMTL in the message body, and all I really need is the bare-bones HTML mark-up needed to copy this, without CSS, or templates, or anything that won't fit between "<body>" tags.  

I tried editing a sample e-mail, and then editing and copying & pasting into Word. In both cases I got three miles of hoo-hah, most of which I'm sure is not needed.

I just really need plant their new logo, and reproduce the text in the position, sizes and font styles as it appears below. Up to now, I've been able to do everything I've needed to do in <Hn> tags, but I evidently can't get 2 different font styles on the same line w/o a break and blank line?

Thanks very much

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Use Word. Create the signature you want. Then store it as HTML under %AppData%\Microsoft\Signatures.

Then send yourself a e-mail with the new signature (Outlook scans this folder automatically). Then you can extract the necessary HTML from the message body.
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Yes, I tried that. It produced 548 lines of I-don't-know-what, only about 20 of which I recognize.
I'm an Access guy, don't know too much about HTML.
I've been pretty lucky with H tags, in inline style sheets.
I was hoping somebody could tell me the simple HTML code to do this.

Thanks for your response.
Hello, Hielo - THANKS! That's what I was needing. 2 clarifications, please:
1) How/Where would I specify a Calibri font?
2) Is there a trick to getting the "src" to point to a png file on the local network?

Thanks again!
Please disregard question about src; I got it...
1) How/Where would I specify a Calibri font?
Since <div id="signature"> is the one that "wraps/hugs" the whole signature, define it there:
#signature{width:35em;border:1px solid #ededed;font-size:.75em; font-family:Calibri;}

2) Is there a trick to getting the "src" to point to a png file on the local network?
Make sure the url is to a "full" url -- meaning, it needs to include the "http://" (and obviously the domain) -ex:
<img src="">
Thank you very much!

I have one other issue, but realize I have stretched the limits for one question - would you please watch for a follow-up I am about to post as a separate question?

Thanks again!