ASP.NET Anonymous User File Permissions

Hi Experts,

Currently I have an ASP.NET forms application that generates pdf files for users (anonymous web users).
These pdf's are stored on the server and an email delivers the pdf to the user.
This system has been happily humming along for almost 3 years now.

Now we want to change this workflow so that the user can "login" and "download" their own files when they need to.
So I know I will need to add a User Register but I dont how I can setup permissions so that users can only download their own files.

It is crucially important that users cannot see each others files.

I can create some sort of security via obfuscation but would rather do this 'properly' as a breach of security would be bad... not very bad but seriously damaging to my future prospects.

Many thanks for your time.


Jonathan KellyAsked:
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Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
Best way is to keep track of generated PDF files on SQL table and Show user only they generated.
ofcourse u need to keep username on SQL table
Jonathan KellyAuthor Commented:

Thank you for comment. Can you expand on it a little.
Do you mean I should store the pdf file within the SQL DB and NOT on the filesystem ?

Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
U can keep it in sql or file system it wont matter.

But U must keep track of the files in SQL(for fast response)  when a user want to download a PDF file. U can select files from sql and list it on ur web page. then when they click the file on page u can redirect the user to the file on file system.
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Jonathan KellyAuthor Commented:
I would like to keep the files on the filesystem as this is how we are setup at the moment.

If I do - how do I stop users downloading files that do not belong to them.

Currently the file's are named with a GUID that is also the ORDER ID.
I realise it is highly unlikely that users will accidentally or otherwise download pdf's which are not their own but I would like to prevent the possibility entirely.

Maybe this is not possible with anonymous users in this scenario ?
Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
What u can do is writing a service that ll send file( not redirecting) can be an ashx file that u ll get GUID as paramater and check user authorization for current download.
Jonathan KellyAuthor Commented:

Can you provide a link to some sample code or relevant material to help me build the service.

Many Thanks,
Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
here is a good article with good examples


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Jonathan KellyAuthor Commented:
Thank you. This looks like it might be something I can use.
I have moved onto another project but I will be coming back to this over the next couple of weeks.
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