embedded word documents in PowerPoint 2010 won't open for some presenters

I have created a presentation with embedded word documents.  I have set the "mouse action" to open on click.  Everyone that has received the ppt can move their mouse over the embedded doc icon, for everyone they can get the cursor to change to the 'hand' but for some clicking will open the word doc and for others it produces no action?  I have saved this ppt 'preserving fidelity'.   I also have tried saving the documents under a different name and re-embedding with no luck.  I have not tried converting to PDF as the presenters will need to be able to fill and modify the documents.  As I am working with a network and we should all have the same version of software I do not anticipate that being the issue.
Microsoft Office 2010 ProPlus.
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What do  you mean by, "I have saved this ppt 'preserving fidelity'"?
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
It is a save option to include the font within the saved file so that when you share it out, other's fonts/settings do not change your PPT.  I had hopes it would also assist with the word document but it didn't have an impact
Oh, I see. So in File | Options, you ticked Embed fonts in the file.

You're correct, that won't help with the Word embedding.

I can't think of action settings issues that would cause the file not to open for some users.  Is it possible the Word doc is opening behind the presentation?

I'm assuming you inserted the Word file using Insert | Object | Create from File and ticked the "display as icon" option. Yes?

Another thought is to try a trigger animation to open the file instead of an action setting. Maybe one of the users for whom the action setting doesn't work could test a file with a trigger animation for you.

First set up an open animation on the Word object. On the Animations tab, choose OLE Action Verb from the animations gallery, then choose Open. (Actually you could use either open or edit in this case.)  Then choose Trigger | On click of ... the object itself.

Here's more instrux for setting up a trigger: http://echosvoice.com/triggers-ppt-2002-2003/

This still opens the Word file as a separate document. On my case it actually opens on my 2nd monitor. So I still think it could be opening the Word file behind the presentation or perhaps on a different monitor for the users who are having trouble. What happens if they ALT+Tab -- is the Word file there?
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RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Yes that is how I inserted the file.  I also made sure that the 'link' check box was blank.

Thank you I will try that.  I doubt that it is opening behind it as I have viewed remotely and we tried in both slide view and presentation view to get it to work.  Thank you for the options.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
no that didn't work either
Nuts. I don't have any other ideas off the top of my head, sorry.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
thank you for trying
Oh, I had a thought. Where are the users with issues saving the file? Is it in a trusted location?
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Yes everyone is in a trusted location.  I am not certain however that they saved their own copy; they may have opened it directly from the emailed copy?
That could be part of the problem. Make sure they're not opening from email. Windows and PPT and Outlook all block files originating from online at various points, so any one of those could be flagging the embedded file and preventing it from opening.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
I will ask the presenters if they saved their own copy - stand by :)
And if they still have trouble after saving to their harddrive, make sure they're saving in a trusted location. In PPT, choose File | Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings, and then Trusted Locations to see what's included there.

Sorry I didn't think of this the other day!
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
The presenters did save their own copy :(  so that was not the issue
And it's in a trusted location?

I'm assuming they're not being prompted to enable content when they open the presentation, or, if they are being prompted that they are enabling content.

Bummer, I'm out of ideas again.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Yes in a trusted and no prompt :(  Thanks for trying :)
Hard to see why they wouldn't get a prompt but might be worth Right Click the saved file from the email >> Properties and see if there is an unblock button
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I guess I wasn't complete in my answer.  The presenter had saved a copy (which to do so, she had to enable editing at the prompt).  Once she had her own copy saved, there was no further prompt to enable editing.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
On a seperate note - every text block in this string has a photo block in the upper left corner that blocks out the words below it; so I am missing hte first couple words of the responses.  I can copy and paste into word to see them, but is there a setting Ican change to fix this?
This is a very long shot but have them try

File > Options > Trust Center > Trust center settings > Protected View

untick all the options (temporarily)

and try opening the file again
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
That was not successful either :(
Bit of a mystery!
Miguel MonteiroPresentations Master DesignerCommented:
You said you inserted the file as "Object/Create from file/as icon/Display as icon".
Assuming "embedding" as having left the "link" box unchecked, did you try to apply an action to the icon by clicking it and selecting "action/Action Settings/Mouse Click/Object action:/Open"?

In Powerpoint show, clicking the icon opens the file in a fullscreen "Word" window, floating over the Powerpoint show screen. Get back to Powerpoint show by closing the "Word" window.

Hope it helps.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did embed by choosing "insert object from file" and leaving "link" box unchecked.  Then I set mouse click to "open" so that clicking the icon will open the document.  It works fine on it's own, it is when you share it VIA Lync that everyone has a problem.  The word document won't even open if you have shared the program via Lync
Wait, Lync? Did you mention Lync before?
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
My apologies, I don't know that I did.  I have this thread going on a couple different boards and I know I had reported it but evidently not on this thread.  It was a late discovery Thursday afternoon when testing another theory.
So can you give us a synopsis of the scenario when the embed doesn't work?

I'm leaning toward browser blocking or what John mentioned about downloading the file then right-clicking and choosing Unblock.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
The presenter has received a copy of the file and saved it as her own to her desktop (to do so, she had to 'enable content').  She starts a Lync meeting and shares the program via Lync (as it was saved on her own desktop after being opened with enabling content, there was not prompt).  While the presentation runs fine, the embedded documents will not open while running in Lync.
First, does the embedded file work on her computer when she's not sharing via Lync?

If so, then have her try sharing the desktop on Lync instead of sharing the program.
RoxanneGrantAuthor Commented:
Will do, she is not here today, will have to try tomorrow.

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If the user is having issues when sharing in Lync but not otherwise, then sharing the desktop is the solution.
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