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Is it possible to copy a group's permissions, for example, Team site Members, to a new group name, have all of the permissions copy over and then assign people to the new group to use in SharePoint?  Is so, how is it done?  We want to tweak some of the permissions for a group but we want to keep the original groups permissions in tack and set up a new group that we can play with the permissions.

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Hello Colly92002,  

I don't want to copy the permission levels but the groups under Site Settings --> Users and Permissions --> Site Permissions where a list is displayed that have items such as Approvers, Designers, Team Site Member, Team Site Owners, etc.  I want to see if there is a way to copy one of those groups.  For example, I want to copy Team Site Members to a new group called Company Site Members.  If I cannot do the copy what is the best way to make sure I have all of the permissions under Team Site Members so that I can create a new group called Company Site Members and make sure they have the same permissions.
Do you just want to create a new group and assign an exisiting permission level to that group?  YOu can do that from the menus.  I don't have a working 2013 install to tell you the exact steps at the moment, but you choose "new group" form the menu inside the permission page, then assign whatever permission level you want to it to mimic whatever group you are copying.

I don't think you can copy the group members without a third party tool, so this must be done manually.
I generally create an AD group for membership, then assign that to a SharePoint group, and assign that group whatever permission levels are required to get around this (I seem to remember somebody telling me this was best practise once...)

Apologies if I've misunderstood.
SharePoint Client Side Developer
I don't believe you can copy SharePoint groups.  you will have to recreate the groups.
You might be able to user powershell.  You can probably tweak the following to fit your needs.

WIth the best of intentions when you answer something you missunderstand you drag a bunch of people to read and waste their time reasing meaningless answers. Please, get clarification and to the requester be specific as possible.

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