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In our organization, we have deployed Google Chrome (googlechromestandaloneenterprise.msi) alongside a bunch of settings in GPO. Among those settings, we control the update process. Since we want to control the update schedule and manage our bandwdth, we chose to disable all automatic updates and push out the MSI on a monthly basis. We have around 60 000 computers  in more than 1500 physical locations. What we found out lately is, although the automatic updates are disabled, there is a portion of Chrome that always updates whenever it feels like. I'm referring to the component updater ie: pepperflash, WidevineCdm, CRLSet, etc.. The installation is machine based but those component are getting updated in the userprofile: "%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data". I have looked everywhere but can't find anything as far as controlling this update mechanism from google. You can trigger the update regardless if you are an administrator or not. You just need to type chrome://components in the omnibox and update the components individually. even if you don't explicitly go there, it will update itself whenever it wants. Anyone has ever found a way to control the schedule or the behaviour of this component updater?

Thanks in advance.
Philippe Dugas-BirsterConseiller principal, architecture détailléeAsked:
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chrome:policy is set by GPO if needed, per computer or per-user as you see fit.
there you can blacklist pepperflash and widevine (netflix). crlset is CRL cache pre-compiled by google, there is no way to get rid of it.
Philippe Dugas-BirsterConseiller principal, architecture détailléeAuthor Commented:

We already use the ADMX templates that Google provides. My question has nothing to do with blacklisting or removing the components. My question is rather regarding controlling the updates of those components. As far as I can see you can control the update of the core(Chrome.dll, Chrome.exe) by GPO, but not the update for the individual components (chrome://components).

I hope it clarifies our need.

chrome:policy does not have anything on menu card to put on the table either. chrome:flags says no too. admx allows to disable plugins but does not touch updates you mention.
you might try getting more attention to the question here(i.e call in more experts on GPO etc), but I guess you will land your request where ADMX is being developed, because even if there is flip switch to disable those updates it is way to hard to find.
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Philippe Dugas-BirsterConseiller principal, architecture détailléeAuthor Commented:
I don't think a GPO expert would help here. I need someone that really knows the internal of Chrome. Basically I can sum up my issue like this: I CAN schedule the update of the main core (Chrome.exe, Chrome.dll), but I CAN'T schedule nor control the components update. I can't think of being the only one here that noticed it....
CRLSET is auto-updated same way as firefox or IE updates CRLs, it has to be done online on the spot
For the rest you need setting to stop component and updates
Philippe Dugas-BirsterConseiller principal, architecture détailléeAuthor Commented:
Finally, the network impact is not that bad and the security team is more than happy. We will abandon the quest to control this feature. Thanks for your help anyway.

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Philippe Dugas-BirsterConseiller principal, architecture détailléeAuthor Commented:
None of the expert comments were useful, we simply stop looking for a way to control this.

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