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windows server 2003 won't demote

we have replaced a windows 2003 SBS server with a standard windows 2012r2 , the windows 2012 appeared to promote ok
But when we run the dcpromo on the windows 2003 server, it wont demote has it says it cant see another DC on the domain also when we disconnect the 2003 server workstations can either.
the active directory shows the 2012 server is the PDC etc and we have shared the SYSVOL on the 2012 server has it appeared not to be shared.
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You have to force demote it.  Please follow this steps:
Forcefully demote a Windows Server 2003 domain controller:
Before you rush in and force a demotion, I would verify that you have a healthy domain and that replication is functioning properly.

This error may indicate a failure with the promotion on your 2012 server which means that it is not truly a domain controller yet.  The failure may stem from a corrupted FRS database on the 2003 server or improper DNS.  Personally I am leaning towards a corrupted FRS database since you mention that you created the SYSVOL share.

Look in the event logs for any FRS and/or DNS related failures.  It also wouldn't hurt to run a DCDIAG.

I agree with Saige, i would definitely not force demote right away. Make sure everything is operating normally, it should gracefully demote.
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I will check the logs and DCDIAG before forcing a demote , will do that today.
I have run a DCDIAG it errors with Error 1355 A Global Catalogue Server cannot be located
Also The Server holding the PDC Role is Down
The new 2012 server holds both these roles.
The File Replication Service gives an error 13508
There are just too many errors to solve and you already promoted a server replacement.  I would force demote it.
I would force demote it.
I wouldn't, looks like you might need to check on your fsmo roles...

maybe verify time on each of the DCs, maybe do a "w32tm /resync"

force demoting it is going to leave mess behind you will need to clean up, not to mention that there a clear problem with your domain currently.

Also, what is your forest and domain functional levels?
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