Objective C UIViewControllers not showing up correctly

I'm stuck on my project. I started out by adding 3 UIViewControllers to the tab controller. Each view controller is simply a different color.

The first view controller automatically shows the correct color, but when I click on the other two tabs, it appears that they are not opening those views, as the color never changes.


- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
    // Override point for customization after application launch.
    self.window = [[UIWindow alloc] init];
    self.window.backgroundColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor];
    self.window.frame = [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds;
    self.vc1 = [[ViewController1 alloc] initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil];
    self.vc1.title = @"VC1";
    self.vc2 = [[ViewController1 alloc] initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil];
    self.vc2.title = @"VC2";
    self.vc3 = [[ViewController1 alloc] initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil];
    self.vc3.title = @"VC3";
    self.tabBar = [[UITabBarController alloc] initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil];
    self.tabBar.viewControllers = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: self.vc1, self.vc2, self.vc3, nil];
    self.window.rootViewController = self.tabBar;
    [self.window makeKeyAndVisible];
    return YES;

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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "ViewController1.h"
#import "ViewController2.h"
#import "ViewController3.h"

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate>

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;
@property (strong, nonatomic) UITabBarController *tabBar;
@property (strong, nonatomic) ViewController1 *vc1;
@property (strong, nonatomic) ViewController1 *vc2;
@property (strong, nonatomic) ViewController1 *vc3;


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#import "ViewController1.h"

@interface ViewController1 ()

@property() UIView *myView;


@implementation ViewController1

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view.
    self.myView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectInset(self.view.bounds, 20.0, 20.0)];
    self.myView.backgroundColor = [UIColor yellowColor];
    [self.view addSubview:self.myView];


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ViewController2 and ViewController3 are exactly the same code as ViewController1 except the backgroundColor is different.
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I will try and help you.  First I would suggest you just changed the background color of the ViewController instead of adding a UIView.

[self.view setBackgroundColor:[UIColor yellowColor]];

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Next put a break point in the view did loads of each of your view controller classes and see which breakpoints are reached.

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pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
I changed the background color of the ViewControllers.

I inserted a break point as suggested. Each time I click on one of the tabs, it always goes to the break point inside ViewController1's viewDidLoad method. Even if I click on the tab called "VC2", it still breaks at ViewController1's break point.
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
Thanks darbid73 for pointing out the issue. I must've been blind. Didn't see that I was using the same class, just calling it by different variable names.
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