jQuery set .val() for text input fields inside a dialog

Dear Experts:

I'm stumped and I fear this is going to be one of those things where I'm over looking the obvious. None the less, I find myself starting to guess and could really use clear eyes and expert advice.

I have a click event that is triggered by a user clicking on a row of a table. I grab some data from that row, and open a modal dialog that has a simple form that is being loaded from an external file. I have created two vars with data from the clicked row and I would like to present in two of the fields within the form in the dialog when it is presented. I have tried every selector I can think of. I have confirmed the vars contain the correct data. I have also tried simply adding .val('Hello World'). I have had no luck.

Please consider the following snippets. One is the js with the click event code, the other is the contents of the file I am loading for the dialog.

$('#tbl_payments').on('click', '#tbl_payment_schedule tr', function() {

	//ignore row if certain condition exists
    if($(this).closest('tr').children('td:eq(6)').text() > 0) {
        return false;
	// two vars with data I want to present on form in dialog
	var startingPaymentID     = $(this).closest('tr').attr('id');
	var startingPaymentNumber = $(this).find('td').eq(0).text();
	var div = $('<div>');
	div.load('resources/payment_recalc.php #recalc_title', function() {
		$dialog = $('<div id="div_payment_recalc"></div>')    
			.load('resources/payment_recalc.php #div_recalc_form')
				autoOpen: false,
				width: 400,
				height: 250,
				modal: true,
				resizable: false,
				title: this.innerText,
				buttons: [
						text: "Run",
						class: 'custom-modal-btn',
						click: function() {
							var form_data = $('#form_recalc').serializeArray();
							form_data = JSON.stringify(form_data);
							$.post('mod/set_loan_payments.php', {'payLoad' : form_data});
				open: function(event, ui) {
			$(".ui-dialog").find(".ui-widget-header").css("background", "#76A5AF");

//Below is what is in resources/payment_recalc.php for the .load
//please excuse the inline styles. Haven't had a chance to create classes and
//move them to css file yet.

<div id="div_recalc_form" style="text-align: left; font-size: 60%;">

    <form id="form_recalc" name="form_recalc">

        <div style="float: left; width: 150px;">
            Starting Payment Number:
        <div style="float:left;">
            <input id="starting_payment_number" type="text" name="starting_payment_number" value="" />
        <div style="clear: both; height: 10px;">&nbsp;</div>

        <div style="float: left; width: 150px;">
            Starting Payment ID:
        <div style="float:left;">
            <input id="starting_payment_id" type="text" name="starting_payment_id" value="" />

        <div style="clear: both; height: 10px;">&nbsp;</div>
        <div style="clear: left; float: left; width: 150px;">
            New Payment Amount:
        <div style="float:left;">
            <input id="new_payment_amount" type="text" name="new_payment_amount" value="" autofocus />

        <div style="clear: both; height: 10px;">&nbsp;</div>

        <div style="clear: left; float: left; width: 150px;">
            For Number Of Payments:
        <div style="float:left;">
            <input id="for_number_of_payments" type="text" name="for_number_of_payments" value="" />



<p id="recalc_title">
    Payment Recalculation

Open in new window

Everything else is working as expected. I just can't get the variable values into the input fields.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

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on line 16, provide a callback function to .load() and within the callback launch the modal using $(this).dialog(...).  I suspect that when your dialog pops up, the load has not finished yet, so open() can't find #starting_payment_number.

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mwheeler_fsdAuthor Commented:
Beautiful hielo!

That worked perfectly. Not once did it occur to me that I was blowing past the completion of the load. I will keep this in the back of my head from here on out.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,
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