System Center 2012 R2 DPM can´t recognize HDD 6tB Western Digital Red

I have a computer running System Center 2012 R2 DPM with backup for our company.I attached internal one HDD 6TB WD Red.
This HDD is connected to a  new  hardware Rocket RAID 620  dual port SATA (high point) .
Unfortunately this hdd is not recognized :(  I initialize the disk previously in another computer (format and convert the disk as GPT) .Anybody has some idea what´the reason why is not recognized ?
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAsked:
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Can you confirm that it is definitely the disk and not the controller that's not being recognised? i.e. are other drives recognised on that controller?
Can you see the disk in Device Manager? Change the view to Devices By Connection and look for the drive. Can you see any other drives attached to the same controller? Can you see the controller?
If you can see the disk in Device Manager, can you see it in Disk Management? If you can, is it showing as Offline? In which case right-click where it says "Offline" and choose "Online".
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Actually both RAID controller HIGHPOINT Rocket Raid 620 and HDD was not recognized .I update driver for highpoint raid host adapter ,but HDD still not showing up.I observed now after i changed view PCI simple communication controller  drive is missing and after checked BIOS (with msi live utilities) bios must upgraded too ,but i am a little bit concerning bcs this computer is setup on MSI P67-C45b3 and drivers are just for W8.1 X64,and i have windows server 2012r2 with DPM.
As you see in picture MSI live update show something else !
All other HDD from computer are recognized mbdevice manager
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
OK, so you clearly need to get the SATA controller drivers installed before you can see any devices attached to that controller.
Windows 8.1 is effectively the same as Server 2012 R2 from a driver point of view (and many others). This driver looks like the one you need:
Extract the zip file, then from device manager right-click the SATA controller and choose Update Driver Software and browse into the x64 folder where you unzipped the driver download to.
Once the driver is installed any disks attached to the controller should show up. You shouldn't need to reboot, but if you don't see the disks after a few minutes then reboot.

You shouldn't need to upgrade the BIOS.
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Hello again and thanks for support.
After i installed updates and restarted computer, driver which i installed from disk worked properly.
Disk appeared and SATA controler was recognized totally.
Thanks for tips and i wish you a very good day from the land of ice and fire :Iceland

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Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for Maritech's comment #a40891301

for the following reason:

Just after restart of DPM (previously i update the system and add driver from disk of SATA Controller ) HDD was recognized .
robincm was extremely useful pointing me with some tips.Thanks a lot
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Erm, so the solution I presented gave the right outcome, and then 0 points?
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Hello Robin,I made the steps before you wrote very similar solution which i did.Regarding SATA controler I used disk from Highpoint before you sent me to another link.
Updates and restart which i did made discoverable this HDD 6tb WD Red
       You were extremely useful because you wrote here very similar solution ,but i was always with one step in front and not wrote here what i did!
You can have all points if you want ,(I don´t know how the system works on expert exchange) i don´t run for them.
       I tried to solve this case ASAP because i have too many errors on backup for DPM.
Please be in touch with admin from here if you need that points.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Yes, points please, the only reward people get for answering/participating in questions on this site is for points. Thanks.
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Thanks. Glad its working!
Pall PalssonSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Updates and restart which i did made discoverable this HDD 6tb WD Red
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