Activate Windows 8.1 - Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series

Dear All,
I have made a restore windows 8 laptop- "Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows",
But-i got 1 problem :)
in new installed copy of windows- its not activated ?

So I called Microsoft- and they told press Win+R-> slui 4 ->and read out the number ->and told contact Dell,
Now Dell-> gave 4 solutions
See here 
Nothing worked- > dell is asking to check with Mocrosoft -> while MS asking windows is not activated ?

Pls suggest?
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Is the activation key not somewhere on your machine?  On the bottom or perhaps under the battery if you remove it?
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Not at bottom, nor if I removed battery :(
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
do you have your activation key ?
Did you try to activate it right clicking on computer, selecting properties and Windows activation?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
the key is in the bios.
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
It says Windows is not activated as shown in screen attached,
Pc's that are delivered with Windows 8.x pre-installed, never have product key stickers anywhere on their body. The key is embedded in the firmware.

What did you restore your OS from? was it from the built-in recovery partition, or was it from other recovery media that may have been made on another PC? If it was from another PC, chances are that you restored a version of the OS that doesn't match the version your PC was licensed for. For example if your original OS was Windows 8.x OEM Core, and you restored a pro version, then you wouldn't be able to activate it with the embedded key which the PC was licensed for.

If it was the correct version of the OS you restored, then you should be able to extract the key from the firmware using Masquerade's article below:
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
Hi again,
well, either this is oem type license and you have it somewhere from Dell (on the cartridge or in the bios), if you don't have it you can try to ask them but be healthy and patient...
either this is volume license and you need to enter a working key to activate it.
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Hello rindi,
I restored from default option as shown in screen
Then Masquerade's instructions to get the product key, then use that key to activate the OS.
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Hey rindi,
I generated Hex- but how to convert it into Key ?

I mean - how can I store this way ?
$HexData = .\oa3tool.exe /validate
As far as I know it is explained in the article. Personally I haven't had to use it yet so I don't know the details.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your activation page on Windows shows:

Product ID: 00259-30000-00001-AAOEM
Edition Type: CoreSingleLanguage
Description: Win 8.1 RTM CoreSingleLanguage OEM: NONSLP
Edition ID: X18-95486

This shows an attempt was made to activate using a Generic Microsoft Key used to allow an installation but not to activate. For 8.1 Core Single Language this starts "Y9NXP" - have you entered any activation codes at all since the restart?  As Rindi points out we all need to get used to the fact that Product ID stickers no longer exist.  The OEM activation code from Dell is embedded in the PC hardware.

Have you double-checked your BIOS UEFI settings were retained?

    Restart the computer and tap F2 at Dell logo.
    Under Boot Options change the Boot list option to UEFI.
    Ensure the Load Legacy option ROM is Disabled.
    Now enable Secure boot
    Now tap F10 to Save and Exit.

If you needed to change any of those settings you will need to run "Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows" again

If you follow the instructions in my article you can still extract the Product Key string but really this should work seemlessly with a correctly configured UEFI BIOS.
was this laptop upgraded to windows 8 ?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
nobus, I can see where you're going with that but the user has restored from the factory installed partition and got a Win8.1 install as a result. That pretty much confirms it was supplied with 8.1 - unless they've already tried to apply an 8.1 upgrade since the restore.

If they had done though they'd end up with a different Product ID.

Win 8/8.1 activation would definitely be the most likely scenario if they had restored from an image of their own though.

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then it looks like the recovery partition is for another model...?
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