how long is a signed letter valid in usa (is there a law regarding this?)

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is there a government law in usa which suggests only so many days of validity for signed letters? (for official application purposes)
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Scott CSenior Engineer
Do you mean like a contract?  Once you sign, I don't think there is any age limit on the validity of the document unless specifically stated in the document itself.

Now this may vary from state to state.  You will need to check with your local government.
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Agreements made between 2 parties will be binding depending, of the trade\transaction and government regulations.

Even if you sign some employment contracts, if they are not as per the employment regulations of that country then it is invalid as the employment regulations of a country supersedes, any employment contract.  E.g if there is a min wage of $10\hour and if you sign a contract of $8\hour then it is invalid as the wage set by the government should be followed. So even if you break such contracts still the law will favour you.

For eg if you take a mobile phone as bill pay which has a contract for a year then the binding is for one year.

If you have an offer letter stating that you need to sign within 15 days then that offer is valid for 15 days.

If you signed for a loan to pay back in 2 years then it is valid for 2 years or  till the loan is cleared. So if you clear the loan in 2 months then the agreement is ceased after that.

If you are signing a WILL then it is valid for a lifetime and beyond.
Valid for what purpose?

As others have mentioned, unless the letter contains its own limitation on duration of validity, there is no externally imposed limit.


actually it is for DMV.. a letter from employer.. wondering if 3 month old letter would suffice or not.
That would be a matter of DMV policy, possibly backed up by statutory authority and may well differ from state to state. I'm not sure why the DMV wants to hear from your employer. CDL? A letter 3 months old letter might be considered insufficiently current and they'll make you get a new one. And if you're no longer with the employer who wrote your letter, that's exactly the sort of reason for them to require a letter to be current.

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