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Have two servers, one a DC and the other a member server. The member server is to be deleted, it is 2008. The DC is to be upgraded from 2008 to 2012 hyperv build. Is there a quicker way to do this or is it simply doing a clean install from scratch the best way.

ADUC on the current DC is not setup how we would normally do it neither is the server as a whole. I gather transferring FSMO roles would not really be applicable under these circumstances.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
i would create a new virtual server and make it a domain controller then transfer fsmo roles, dhcp (if used there) and make the new server the authoritative time server

with only 1 domain controller, trying to P2V that is very risky; if something goes wrong, you will add additional time restoring your domain controller so better to start with a new server and migrate
adprep will be done during the wizard.  once it's in place, move clients to use that server for dns

not sure what you mean by "ADUC on the current DC is not setup"
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Shortcuts with your directory are not advisable - this service runs your company.

Your goal, in my opinion, should be the MOST STABLE AD environment you can have, not the fastest way to migrate one that might work.

Again, in my opinion, you are best advised to create another DC and migrate from the old to the new, transferring your FSMO roles properly once you are ready.

You should also be running DCDIAG /C /E /V before any maintenance/significant changes to AD to ensure it's healthy and remains so.  And then run it again AFTER the changes have been implemented to ensure they took properly.

And I agree with Seth - "ADUC on the current DC is not setup"  is non-sensical.  If you have a DC, then you have ADUC installed.  And if you have ANY accounts ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) is ALMOST CERTAINLY where you created them/manage them.  Unless you've done everything with Powershell or something - but unless this is Server Core install, ADUC is THERE and there is nothing to setup.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:

Basically, we have to use the existing DC, there is no new server being put in place, so I assume that transferring FSMO roles is not applicable ?

With regards ADUC not setup, doesn't transferring FSMO roles transfer the existing ADUC onto the new server the same as the existing one i.e. users, groups, computers etc, which is not what we want, we want a new ADUC layout ?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
ADUC is a management console.  NOTHING MORE.  You can install the RSAT pack on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 system and have ADUC on that!

I'm not intending to offend, but I'm going to be blunt and some people like to take offense at that.  I'm not sure who taught you AD, but it sounds like they didn't know what they were talking about.  And honestly, based on your question and responses so far, I'd be VERY concerned from a professional standpoint if you were the person technically responsible for this project.  I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND you hire a professional to handle this for you.  If you would like to be that professional, I would recommend you spend some significant time building labs and learning the technology before trying to modify a company's production network.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Lee W, MVP

You simply havent understand the question which makes me question your answering capabilites. Ive spoken with a few people now and they are confused as to what you are talking about. The question related to the fact that we have no new or spare server or, so we can't transfer to a new server and migrate that way !!!  We cant use the member server as it is on its last legs and ready to fail, its not worth messing with. READ THE QUESTION !!!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:

I'm sorry you chose to take offense.  If you looked at my profile, you'd see my answering capabilities are fine with a VERY long history here.  My comment was based on your clear lack of knowledge of what ADUC is and how it's used and your followup comment/question where you state: doesn't transferring FSMO roles transfer the existing ADUC onto the new server the same as the existing one i.e. users, groups, computers etc, which is not what we want, we want a new ADUC layout ? It's clear to me that you either don't know what you're doing OR you don't understand proper terminology and are poorly conveying what you plan on doing.  Hence, a clear lack of experience to me and my recommendation that you should hire a pro to help you migrate this or spend some serious time learning.  I've offered my recommendations, you don't appreciate my honest answers, so I'll leave the question and wish you best of luck.
Lee, let's allow that there's been a misunderstanding. Discover wants a different organization of his users and computers than what's currently in place and wanted to know if the server upgrade presented an opportunity to reorganize them. It does present an opportunity, but the two tasks are (and I'd argue should be) separate; there might be business reasons why one might want  to do the two things together, consecutively, but the order in which they are most conveniently done may depend on whether the new organization is best achieved by building from scratch or by planned moves of the existing entities. Sometimes you want a clean break from the past, in spite of the potential disruption for the user base.

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discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Lee W, MVP

You are talking utter rubbish and form opinions. In this case the server or should I say virtual servers have been built today and working perfectly. Your suggestion proved fruitless. I pay to get answers that are pointless guesses. I think another one of those Mr Know alls who talks the talk but can't do the walk. I've met so many of them in I.T. , idiots.
Discoveranother, congrats on getting the task done. Would you care to outline the steps you took so others can benefit? Did you install Server 2012 from scratch or somehow on top of the old DC?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I think another one of those Mr Know alls who talks the talk but can't do the walk.

Those are the only other 3 questions you've asked that I've participated in and in each one you credited me with an answer.  You're welcome.

I can only assess your knowledge based on your description of your problem and when that fails, I check a person's profile.  Your profile is empty.  If you want people to be able to better gauge your skills, fill out your profile and use proper terminology.

If you found your solution, please post it so we can all understand.
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