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Change value in a Datagrid

Okay I have a data grid and when it retrieves the value from the database its posting either (True or False) I want it to display (Yes or No). I am BRAND NEW TO JQery and JSON.  I love being GREEN NOT!
                    var ResultsGrid = new Grid
                        GridID = "results",
                        GridTitle = "Code Types Grid",
                        GridName = "AAACodeOutputs",
                        DataBind = "source:SomedataSource",
                        Columns = Grid.CreateColumns(
                         Grid.Column("Code Type", "CodeType", 500),
                         Grid.Column("Add Allowed", "UserCanAddFlag", 100)                  
                        Properties = new GridProperties()
                            Scrollable = true,
                            Groupable = false,
                            Sortable = true,
                            Selectable = true,
                            Autobind = false,
                            Pageable = true

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