Laptop Not Detecting Correct Battery Charge State

My laptop is an HP EliteBook 8560w.  I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.  Here is the history.

1.  My laptop battery was working fine.  Could operate or 2-3 hours on battery power alone.
2.  Suddenly my computer would not charge the battery any more.  It said "plugged in, not charging".  The power adapter is not bad.  I have another HP laptop and the adapter will charge that one just fine.
3.  I ordered a new battery
4.  The new battery works (sort of)

Here is what is happening now with the new battery.

1.  When I plug in the power adapter it says "Plugged in, charging" but it will say the charge percentage is very low (like 1 or 2%).  Then after several hours it will instantly change from 1-2% to 100% fully charged.
2.  When I unplug the power adapter the computer immediately restarts.  After rebooting the battery indicator shows 0% remaining.  But the machine will operate under batter power for 2-3 hours.

Obviously the battery is good and something is wrong internally with how the computer is recognizing the charge state.  Here is what I have tried so far.

1.  In Device Manager I have deleted all the Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery drivers and then reinstalled them.
2.  I have tried to calibrate the battery by fully charging the battery, then unplugging the power adapter and letting the machine run on battery power until it dies.  Then I plug it back in until it's fully charged and do it again.  I've done this several times without any success.

At this point I'm out of ideas.  Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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kgerbChief EngineerAsked:
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Your out of ideas because you did everything you could. It's probably an interface/sensor chip that's not functioning properly on the main board. Have it repaired under warranty, or if out of warranty, have an external HP specialist make a price quotation for a repair (could be still the whole main board needs replacing, even though only a small part is defect).

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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Does the laptop stay powered when the battery is removed and the charger remains connected?

Did you order the battery from like a 3rd party seller or direct from HP?  Which battery did you buy?
kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
Well, that's depressing.  It's my work computer and my company definitely won't pay for a new mother board.  I'll probably have to live with it.

@Kyle Santos (nice name btw)
Yes, the laptop stays powered when the battery is removed with the power adapter connected.
Here is the battery I ordered.  It's 3rd party.

Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Its a great name, right? :)

It might be worth taking a peak in your BIOS of your laptop and seeing if there are any battery settings to tweak.  I had a Dell Inspiron laptop give me silly issues like what you described and after tinkering with the settings in the BIOS it just went away.  But then eventually I had to replace the flipping charger cord.

Gotta love Dell. :p

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