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I work for a company that has legacy systems (1990's early 2000's).  I was recently tasked with applying Trusted Link upgrade 6.3.2 on the Test partition. Immediately our program that sends 850's started blowing up.  Placing a call to TLi(Open Text) only resulted with them informing me th program ED710 has long been obsolete and was replace by an API UADDMBX or command ADMBX.  The were unable to tell me how to make the replacement within our programs.  This is the code within our CL that is now in error:  (Entire cl program in attachment. )  

0121.00 /* Move from APLUS into Trusted Link Transaction Center             */  
0122.00 /*------------------------------------------------------------------*/  
0124.00              CHGVAR     VAR(&DATA) VALUE(*BLANKS)                      
0126.00              /* DOCUMENT ID */                                          
0127.00              CHGVAR     VAR(%SST(&DATA 16 3)) VALUE('850')              
0128.00              /* DOCUMENT TYPE */                                        
0129.00              CHGVAR     VAR(%SST(&DATA 22 2)) VALUE('PO')              
0130.00              /* DOCUMENT SWITCH */                                      
0131.00              CHGVAR     VAR(%SST(&DATA 24 1)) VALUE('Y')                
0132.00              /* USER FILE DEFINITION NUMBER */                          
0133.00              CHGVAR     VAR(%SST(&DATA 65 3)) VALUE('000')              
0134.00              /* USER FILE DEFINITION NAME */                            
0135.00              CHGVAR     VAR(%SST(&DATA 211 5)) VALUE('EO850')          
0138.00              CALL       PGM(CED710) PARM(&DATA)    

I anyone can remember going through this change so many years ago - I would vey much appreciate help in converting our CL program to use the new API or just the command to add the document to the mailbox.

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I'm thinking it would probably be beneficial to define exactly what you mean by "started blowing up", including specific error-messages and any other related information that would be helpful in diagnosing your problem.
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Error Message is below.  The issue I would like to resolve is actually updating the CL program correctly to use the UADDMBX API rather than the obsolete ED710 program.

Message ID . . . . . . :   RNQ0202       Severity . . . . . . . :   99        
Message type . . . . . :   Inquiry                                            
Date sent  . . . . . . :   07/21/15      Time sent  . . . . . . :   13:00:16  
Message . . . . :   The call to *LIBL/CED711 ended in error (C G D F).        
Cause . . . . . :   RPG procedure EM710NN in program EDI4XXPGM/ED710NN at      
  statement 2956 called program or procedure *LIBL/CED711, which ended in      
  error. If the name is *N, the call was a bound call by procedure pointer.    
Recovery  . . . :   Check the job log for more information on the cause of the
  error and contact the person responsible for program maintenance.            
Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :      
  D -- Obtain RPG formatted dump.                                              
  S -- Obtain system dump.                                                    
  G -- Continue processing at *GETIN.                                          
  C -- Cancel.                                                                
Messages in joblog:

            Ownership of object M001F17AAA in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.              
 Cannot resolve to object M001F17AAA. Type and Subtype X'1934' Authority    
 Function check. MCH3401 unmonitored by MED710 at statement *N, instruction
  21900 - RCLRSC                                                            
   MSGF(&MSGF) MSGFLIB(&MSGFLIB)                                            
  22400 - SNDPGMMSG MSGID(CPF9999) MSGF(*LIBL/QCPFMSG)                      
   040D4C5C4F7F1F0') MSGTYPE(*ESCAPE)                                      
 Function check. MCH3401 unmonitored by MED710 at statement *N, instruction
 Function check. CPF9999 unmonitored by ED710NN at statement 0000002956,    

Thanks for responding so quickly.

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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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What OS version needs to be supported? Is UADDMBX a *PGM or a procedure? The CL can be easily supplied if we know those answers.

@Tom:  This is TrustedLink for iSeries version 6.3.2, according to the original post.  UADDMBX is a *PGM.  OS version is probably moot.
@Gary: Was thinking of potential CL niceties for data structures if the OS was V5R4 or later. That'd make the "single parm" cleaner. I haven't worked w/EDI in recent years, so don't know OS requirements for TrustedLink.

Good point.  I've been assuming this is an older system from the original post, but it could certainly be newer hardware/OS running older applications.  

I've got another client on V7R1 running S/36 environment code, so you sure can't tell from the applications.
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@Gary and @Tom thanks so much for your assistance.  Gary I was able to update our CL to call UADDMBX with the correct parameters  - but some how our programs are looping back to the old programs and I get the CED711 errors.  Iam going to try debug this afternoon.  Tom this is an older model AS400 at OS V6R1.  This is just one of the obstacles we need to overcome to prepare for new hardware and V7R1 in the 4th quarter.  Again thanks
(Entire cl program in attachment. )
The OP mentions an attachment, but I haven't seen one for the CL. I know you have it "working", but it might help if we can review it if "looping" is somehow involved.

The dumps aren't useful without the source for the RPG programming. More useful would probably be the full sections of joblog surrounding the problem area.
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