Problem with Ubiquti AP LR units

the configuration and setup went fine.  The initial connection test (my laptop) worked great too.  But for some reason, when I connect more than one computer on the AP, the transfer rate goes into the toilet.  My intitial test when it was just my laptop on speed of me was 40mb x 5mb which is what I would expect on our connection.  But when I connect my phone too, both devices could not test higher then 40k (less than speeds) up or down.  If I disconnect my laptop, then my phone seems to work fine as speeds go back to normal.

Anyone experience anything like this?  Bad device?  There is a second AP that is configured to the same settings on the opposite side of the building, it works fine.

Ubiquti software is updated to current, controller can see it fine, wifi signals strength is good both within the device meter as well as the Unifi controller, but if more than 1 device is connected, even if nothing is being downloaded, throughput is horrible.
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Sounds almost like you have a clash of IP addresses. Try tcpdump on the desktop with / without the problem (I would expect to see a huge number of repeats with the problem evident)
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
It isn't a desktop that is having the problem.  It is any device connected to that AP.  Example is I connect laptop and my phone to the same AP, throughput is poor on both devices.  I disconnect one, the other behaves correctly.

If I walk to the other side of the building, same devices transfer hot spots as expected, then try it, throughput is fine.

Just in case, I checked out IPs, and they are unique.
Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Did you try tcpdump as I suggested?

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tsaicoAuthor Commented:
I will admit, I did not.  But wouldn't that cause connectivity type issues vs. poor throughput?

I was reviewing the page on how to use it, and it looks to be a packet analyzer and capture type of utility.  I will need to check it out a little more in depth to make sure I understand not just how to use it, but how to interpret the information it spits out to me.
Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Is this actually a Unify UAP-LR? You really want to run tcpdump on the router This will only be possible if the unit offers telnet / ssh / rsh (probably ssh) access and if then you find it has a Linux-based operating system and tcpdump is installed.
If all the above conditions are met, tcpdump (of the wifi interface) should show you the problem.
Otherwise, tcpdump on a connected Linux laptop may be helpful in at least determining whether
packets arrive less frequently
there are a lot of repeats
What type of phone and what type of laptop? Are wireless drivers up to date for laptop? Is the AP firmware updated?

Better yet, if you disable encryption and make the network open, any improvement? If not, get a warranty replacement.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
We've rolled out 5-6 LR versions, they perform the same as the normals and outdoors.
+1 for the check firmware/drivers line of action.
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
Ended up replacing the unit.  Never did run the utility though, as the router in this case is a basic freebie from Verizon and ended up ordering new one and RMAing the other.

New unit performs as expected.
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