powershell command not running

Any reason why this is not returning any files. it works locally but when I try to run remotely no error messages or anything is returned.

Invoke-Command -computername server {Get-ChildItem -directory $path -recurse | Where { ((get-date)-$_.LastWriteTime).days -gt 1 }}

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You need to pass the path as variable to the scriptblock (positional only).
$Path = c:\temp\logs
Invoke-Command -Computername server -ArgumentList $Path -ScriptBlock {Param($Path) Get-ChildItem -directory $path -recurse | Where { ((get-date)-$_.LastWriteTime).days -gt 1 }}

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techdriveAuthor Commented:
One more question do I have to enter the param for each argument I use for example if I use the following with adding a list of servers

$listofservers=get-content c:\temp\servers.csv
foreach(server in $listofservers) {
$Path = c:\temp\logs
Invoke-Command -Computername $server -ArgumentList $Path -ScriptBlock {Param($Path) Get-ChildItem -directory $path -recurse | Where { ((get-date)-$_.LastWriteTime).days -gt 1 }}

write-host "$server with files"

Any variable from the main script that you want to use in the remote scriptblock needs to be passed as parameter. The scriptblock by itself will know nothing about your main script variables.
Maybe this will make it clearer:
$Foo = "Foo"
$Bar = "Bar"
"Main script:"
"`t`$Foo: $($Foo)"
"`t`$Bar: $($Bar)"
"Invoking scriptblock, passing two positional arguments `$Foo and `$Bar ..."
Invoke-Command -ComputerName mr1idcpb001 -ArgumentList $Foo, $Bar -ScriptBlock {
Param(	## can be named anything, will be passed by position only.
	"`tInside the scriptblock with two positional arguments `$Arg1 and `$Arg2:"
	"`t`t`$Foo: $($Foo)"	## not known inside the scriptblock!
	"`t`t`$Bar: $($Bar)"	## not known inside the scriptblock!
	"`t`t`$Arg1: $($Arg1)"	## First argument passed, "Foo"
	"`t`t`$Arg2: $($Arg2)"	## Second argument passed, "Bar"
	"`tLeaving the scriptblock."
"... done."

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