Need To Create 8-digit field with variable starting points...

So I have an original field in Access as shown below and I need to create an 8-digit field beginning with 370.... similar to the example below:
Original Field          Eight Digit Field
544                    37000544
33                    37000033
254                    37000254

Is there a function within Access that would enable me to do this?  Thanks.  - Tom
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You can use Format to create the string, like:

FieldString = Format(544, "37000000")


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tomfarrarAuthor Commented:
Hi gustav - Thanks for the post.  Not sure how that translates being kind of a novice here.  Are you saying that fixes the variable length of the 544 (0r 33) field size to give me an eight-digit field like:


That's what the Format function does.   If you check out the documentation on the Format Function and look for User Defined Numeric Formats, you'll see that 0's are place holders for any number.  If there is no number in that place, it will show a zero.  An alpha numeric character other than zero will show up as is.  So the 37 at the beginning will always display 37 whereas the 0's may remain as zeros or get replaced with the applicable number in that one's, ten's, hundred's, etc... place.

Format(544, "37000000")  will return 37000544
Format(33, "37000000")  will return 37000033
Format(254, "37000000")  will return  37000254
Format(123, "ABC00000")  will return  ABC00123

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Are you saying that fixes the variable length of the 544 (0r 33) field size to give me an eight-digit field ..
Yes, that what you asked for. Press Ctrl+G and check out for yourself.

That said, if you just want this for display, it would be much easier simply to apply to format 37000000 to the Format property of your textbox in your form or report.

tomfarrarAuthor Commented:
I learn something new most days here at Expert Exchange.  Thanks again.  - Tom
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