Password protect a shared folder on Win 7 peer to peer network

Keep it simple!
2 win 7 pc's on a peer to peer network.
Pc 1 has a folder called "Share" that the user wants password protected on Pc 1 & wants to share to Pc 2
but the user of Pc 2 needs to type in a password to access it.
WHen they close the folder, it is inaccesible to other users unless they know the password.
I have looked at some 3rd party apps like Folder Lock but they are way too tricky when shared across a network.

Any easy way to achieve this??
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One way is to make it a hidden folder name that only they know and share it.  Wouldn't need to password protect if it was hidden, unless you are concerned of very snoopy people.

All users with the same password must exist on both systems.
The security settings need to have users removed
Under the share permissions access needs to be specifically set.
Each user logging into system 2 with their credentials will be either allowed or denied access to the shared folder base on shared and security settings.
crangle22Author Commented:
this wont work for us!
Users all have to use the same logon.
Logging out & back in as another user wont work unfortunately!
any other options?
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The problem with single logon is that once a user accesses a resource is prompted for the login, the next user as long as that share remains open or mapped will be accessible by the currently logged in user.

You still have to have individual accounts even when you are using a single/automatic sign on as that is the on,y way to restrict access to a share requiring username/password to gain access.

Document management or similar is a way that would have its own access rights requirements outside the system.

Though the same issue referenced above with shared access grants same .....
crangle22Author Commented:
I'm thinking there is no easy solution!
I might suggest that they just password protect each document?
Office password protection is limited.  and does not do what is likely expected by the question.
crangle22Author Commented:
are there any cloud sharing solutions you might recommend that are easy to use?
i've tried dropbox but it was too messy
To recommend any solution using a single logon will run into the same issue where users will save their credentials defeating the requirement that access to some data be limited to certain individuals.

How many total users are using this peer to peer setup?

You can look Google, MS office365
using a NAS raided device and manage credentials on it/create local users while backing up the data just in case the device fails.

How much data is being discussed (total storage)
crangle22Author Commented:
sorry for delay on this!
there are only 2 users.
sharing only about 100mb of data - mainly word docs.
are there "folder lock" type programs that can run easily across a network?
Not sure I understand with your two system and two users, is one system restricted and the other is shared by the two users?

even if a user is local on the system, through the security tab you can restrict access including denying a user access to data.

You can try the approach mentioned:
Create the user on the system to whom you wish to grant access.
Create the share with sharing permissions allowing only administrators and the newly created user whichever rights you need, read, read+write, or full. And the security tab on the directory/files to match the sharing scheme.
Remove the users group from the security.

You woul need to make sure to make it clear to the user to whom you ish to grant this access to not map the drive, to not. Save the credentials, etc.

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crangle22Author Commented:
never got this sorted!
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