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Do any of the MSPs offer their managed services to be resold? A client is interested in bringing managed services to the clients of his area, but does not want to go thru setting up everything necessary to be an MSP. He wants to sell the managed services of another MSP and take a cut of the profits. He provides the clients, they provide the services.

By managed services I mean Remote Management and monitoring, help desk and of course cloud services.

Is there anyone out there doing this?
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If your friend approaches one of the larger MSP they will be more than happy to have him front the sale but he may find customer resistance to a start up unless he is willing to include the larger company in the sales process at which point he may find himself cut out.

However I know for  a fact that many companies do this and it causes all sort of fun and games for the client as the various bodies involved trip over each other to avoid a breach of SLA. in one particular instance a client has contracted a large blue organisation to supply helpdesk, remote monitoring, first to third line support and so on. These are under a single contract which is underpinned with contracts between them (the MSP) and several other Service Providers who specialise in a particular area (comms, infrastructure, billing services, etc). It works very well until a problem no-one wants to own pops-up, and to be fair to the main partner they are quick to step in and make things happen.

As a starting point he might look at the Microsoft Partner system, although its very much focussed on licensing sales there is a lot of free information about selling Microsoft Services on a managed basis which might help him to segment a market and figure out an approach that can be applied more generally.

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