SBS 2012: How to allow email through whilst blocking RDP out of hours for most staff


Any help gratefully received.

I am trying to find a solution (cheap) to a problem of how to allow users of Small Business Server 2012 to access email on their phones 24/7 whilst only allowing   log on for clients and [most but not all users during working hours.

At the moment we use the SBS account tab to control peoples log on hours however that also cuts off their email on their phones.  We use thin clients and terminal servers and user requirements change often so allowing 24/7 hours and blocking rdp by MAC or IP or port is quite restrictive for those occasions when a user needs just 24hr weekend access on a one off basis.

If anyone could suggest how to get SBS to allow 24/7 email whilst controlling log-on access, it would really be appreciated.

Many Thanks
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RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Zoo71Author Commented:
Hi RantCan,

Thanks for the comment and interest.  I do not see the relevance, we have no problems getting the phones to connect.  We use add new account, enter the server and domain etc and emails are received.  The only problem is that emails are received only during the logon hours specified in the users properties for their domain account.

I tried looking at Exchange, activesync properties but cannot see anything about time periods for access.

Should we be connecting to the exchange activesync external url.  At the moment we just connect to our mail server url which I believe just points straight to our server.  It is different from the activesync url..

BTW I am not an IT person as you have probably guessed.
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
You should add the server as one of the machines they are allowed to log into, this should allow their mail to move.
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Zoo71Author Commented:
I will have to refer this back to our IT company.  I know remote access to the server is blocked for staff, as we cant have everyone just logging on to the servers.  They just do not seem to come up with an easy in-built solution so I wanted to double check on experts exchange.

Could you confirm should emails run 24/7 even if the user log on hours are denied.  Our emails move fine 7am to 8pm, or whatever hours are set for that user to log on.  Outside those hours no email is received by mobile but fine to access OWA
Zoo71Author Commented:
Aah, it seems the answer is no.  Activesync will not work out of the users log-on hours.

I appreciate your help and advice.  Thank you.
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
I've never used the hours restriction as it adds to management overhead, such as this. I recommend removing it.
Zoo71Author Commented:
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RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Please have OP post the answer discovered to help other visitors to the site.
Zoo71Author Commented:
Hi, Thanks for your message.

It is tricky as there does not seem to be a solution to this.  An answer would be No, it cant be done via SBS.

"If anyone could suggest how to get SBS to allow 24/7 email whilst controlling log-on access, it would really be appreciated."

It seems SBS will not do this, so there is no solution but I only know this from posts and not MS itself, as below.

I only discovered this because RantCan mentioned activesync and when searching for "activesync" and logon hours I found the above posts.

I really appreciate the help RantCan offered but I cant say there is a solution.

Potential solutions, although nothing to do with a SBS settings would be to use a 3rd party program instead of activesync or perhaps connect via Imap for out of hours emails.

Once again many thanks to Rantcan.

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