Gmail - "more actions" feature not alawys visible

In gmail, when viewing an email received, on the right hand side some emails show "more actions" which when you click on the drop down list, it has the option "Recent mail from", which allows you to very quickly view all emails from that same sender.  

For some reason this option is not showing within all emails I am opening.  Does anyone know what that is or what the rule is for it to always show?
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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I looked in my gmail account and I found this:

Instance where 'recent mail from' does not appear because it is not affiliated with Google's 'circles' feature.  Meaning it does not have the capability or is not set up to be recognized as someone or something to add in circles.

no reply address
Instance where 'recent mail from' appears because user is in my contacts, circles and/or has the ability to be added to circles.

ability to add in circles
I hope this helps.


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u587162Author Commented:

Yes I noticed that too, but was wondering why it would be designed that way.  Not everyone uses gmail or even Google+ so Google surely would not assume that they are all users and therefore allow this capability.  A bit annoying really!

Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I agree.  It only leaves you with the choice of setting up individual filters for emails.

I do know that there is a way for people without gmail accounts to have access to circles and Google+ by using Google Sites.

And I have access to everything a gmail user would have, plus more.  For example, my email is provided through my company, but it is not a gmail account.

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