comma separate syslog regex


First of all im completely new to the whole regex world:)

I have a syslog line comma separated and i want a regex pattern which for example will extract everything after the 18th comma until the 19th comma:

Jul 22 17:36:52 filterlog: 115,16777216,,1433788744,enc0,match,pass,in,4,0x0,,254,15282,0,none,1,icmp,60,,,request,6546,820140

its(my app) using java-based regex

Hans de JonghAsked:
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Why not just split the string at the comma and get item[17] (the eighteenth element) from the resulting array?
String string = "Jul 22 17:36:52 filterlog: 115,16777216,,1433788744,enc0,match,pass,in,4,0x0,,254,15282,0,none,1,icmp,60,,,request,6546,820140";
String[] item = string.split(",");

//item[17] should have what you need

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Hans de JonghAuthor Commented:
It seems you are interested in the first IP address.  Try:

In the actual java code, you would need to escape the backslashes, so if the above doesn't work, try:
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Hans de JonghAuthor Commented:
no im also interested i the second IP, and the ports and the interface and the rule number and if its in or out and if its blocked or passed
and so on... that why i need to be able to say get the chars after this amount of comma's
please state your requirements clearly.

In your original post I can see
for example will extract everything after the 18th comma until the 19th comma:

In a subsequent post you state
i need to be able to say get the chars after this amount of comma's

In another post you state
i don't think that is possible in vmware log insight
Can you explain why not?
Hans de JonghAuthor Commented:
i need a regex which in which i can say after you came a cross x amount of comma's (no matter if it were ,,, or ,1234,12345,123,) give me everything after that comma until the next comma.

In vmware log insight i can extract field. The field extraction is done for me, i just need to tell log insight where it is in the text

the problem is the only consistent thing is the number of "," in front of it.

see the attachment.
so it is about the pre and post context
OK, that helps.  Under "Pre and Post context" try the following for the top textbox (the pre-context):

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It should capture:
Jul 22 17:36:52 filterlog: 115,16777216,,1433788744,enc0,

 then to extract whatever follows "enc0," (in this example "match", then enter:

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in "Extracted Value" textbox.  Play with the 5 in the regex to skip to other columns.

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Hans de JonghAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot, I have one more question.
(?:[^,]*,){8} after the 8th comma there will always be a 4 or a 6.
is it possible to only get lines where there is a 4 after the 8th comma.
Using the example input string you provided, if you enter the following in the Pre-Context box:

and then:
In the Extracted Value box, then it should capture "0x0" (again, I am using the example string you posted.  If the sample string had a 6 instead of a 4, then it wouldn't match that row.
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