MS SQL using CASE WHEN Statements


I have written a very long query ( a payroll / timesheet app) and am having issues with only particular UPDATE Query:
SET pr.M_W1_HRS = (CASE WHEN (pt.StartDate = @M_W1) THEN (8.0000 - pt.AbsenceDuration) ELSE pr.M_W1_HRS END),
	pr.T_W1_HRS = (CASE WHEN (pt.StartDate = @T_W1) THEN (8.0000 - pt.AbsenceDuration) ELSE pr.T_W1_HRS END),
        . (etc, etc for each day of the workweek)
FROM PayrollReport PR
INNER JOIN PTO_Temp pt ON pt.PersonID = pr.EE

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I have my main table (PayrollReport) and a temp table (PTO_Temp) which contains durations and dates of time-off occurrences. My date variables contain valid datetime formats, and Im simply trying to subtract 8 from the AbsenceDuration column to arrive at the hours worked for that day.  I get no errors running it, but it is not updating the table.

Is my syntax correct in the CASE WHEN Statement?

Thanks in advance!
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My first question is do you get results from a query like this:

	PayrollReport PR
	INNER JOIN PTO_Temp pt ON pt.PersonID = pr.EE
WHERE pt.StartDate = @M_W1 AND (8.0000 - pt.AbsenceDuration) <> pr.M_W1_HRS 

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(YTou can adjust for the appropriate day...

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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
The syntax is OK.  But I'm pretty sure you'll have a logic error.

Keep in mind that an UPDATE's affect on rows will not "accumulate".  That is, each UPDATE is a complete, separate event, and SQL won't "remember" any prior UPDATEs when another UPDATE is applied.

You'll need to pre-summarize totals from the PTO_Temp by person and week, and then use that pre-summarized result set to UPDATE the main PayrollReport row just once for that person and week.
hhnetworksAuthor Commented:

After declaring and setting the variable, your query returned as expected.  See screenshot
hhnetworksAuthor Commented:
Both of you were correct. My Joins to the temp table were not working the way I needed them to, AND I had some significant logic errors.

Thanks for all your help!
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