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I have a Windows 7 box that is a KMS server for Office as well as Windows 7. I now want to do KMS licensing for Server 2012 R2 Datacenter version. I have followed documents that I have found from MS to install a need update - 2757817.  However, when I attempt to activate a legitimate KMS key for server 2012 I get an invalid license message with error code 0xC004F050... which is the error code that I trying to avoid by applying the update.

What can I do?
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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
The update you are referencing does not support Server 2012r2 (2012 but not R2) try using this update to fix the problem.

Scott Gorcester MCITP

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Client OSes can only do KMS activation for other client OSes. Microsoft's view is that if you'll be activating enough servers to need KMS, you can run the KMS service on one of those servers.
Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
I always use server OS for KMS but I don't see anything in the MS documentation that limits KMS host running Win7 to activating client OS's only. This KB says it will enable Win7 and Server 2008r2 to issue KMS to servers up to 2012R2.

Scott Gorcester MCITP
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jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
Thanx scott, I'll give that other update a try when I get back into the Office on Friday.

Cliff, understand, but from what I have read, Windows 7, with the proper update should be able to be a KMS server for other OSs like Server 2012.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Read section 1.2 here:

There is a paragraph directly above the take that states this, and the range itself also mates this restriction clear.
Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
Agree with Cliff that this article indicates client OS can only activate clients OS. It appears that the waters are murky as other articles seem to indicate that these updates allow win7 to issue server KMS.

I sent an email to one of my contacts on the KMS support team asking for clarification.

Scott Gorcester MCITP
Cliff GaliherCommented:
I don't think there is much murky here. O can't find any article that suggests otherwise. The support KB does state that it adds newer OS support to older OSes, but the kb is also written to cover the server versions of the patch, so it isn't a contradiction. Just a generalization because of the patch's shared code. This I a fairly well documented and relatively commonly understood restriction (and has been a oart of MCP exams pertaining to the MCSE path since KMS was introduced.)
jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
Don't want to try this on a Friday...

Subsequest question...if I put the KMS key for 2012R2 on my KMS machine, does that also automatically license Windows 7?  I've seen some articles that lead me to believe that it will.  If that's true should I remove my Windows 7 KMS License from the KMS machine or does that really matter?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
A minor but distinct terminology correction. KMS *activates* OSes. It does not "license" them. So no, a server KMS host will not license windows 7 OSes. But it will activate those that have a GVLK just like a windows 7 KMS host would, which I believe was the intent of your question. And yes, I'd remove the windows 7 KMS host if you go that route.
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